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The Poundworld bargains thread

edited 16 July 2015 at 12:22PM in Quick! Grabbit while you can
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  • babymtbabymt Forumite
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    I love them too! I buy them for my students and they love them.

    Are they from this brand?


    That's the ones! Kids absolutely love them.
  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    Goodness. I had a blue seal eraser absolutely identical to the white seal 45 years ago, those rubbery novelty erasers were a real collecting thing amongst a whole bunch of us. Great to see them back.
    We have a Poundworld locally, although I don't go in too often as I'm trying to cut back on pound-shop buys. "Want" is not the same as "need!"
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  • faerielightfaerielight Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Got some Emergen C immune support vitamins, they are usually £4.99 in Boots.: . they taste nice and don't have much artificial stuff in them
    Many thanks to all who contribute on MSE :)
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    LouLouLouLou Forumite
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    From Argyle Street, Glasgow - Gillette Mach 3 Irritation 5 Defense Shaving Foam 250ml, Pinkabella's Fashion Show (has a sticker on it saying £12!) - comes in a box - it's not a book - and a Home Mood Figure (not sure what this toy is, seems to change colour according to mood? 18 different varieties).
    Added it to HUKD last night too, spotted it on The Works for £7 (though BOGOF, where the picture's sourced from below), £4 at Tesco and £12 Amazon etc. Inside it looks like this
  • VfM4meplseVfM4meplse
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Definitely going to look out for the fashion show book, for when the LO gets older.

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  • LouLouLouLou Forumite
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    From Poundworld, Argyle Street, Glasgow. Disney Tsum Tsum Jumping Beans, Batman or Superman enamel keychains, Justice League Pez (Batman or Superman in this store, couldn't see Wonder Woman, boo)!
  • mhocmhoc Forumite
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    manila wrote: »
    Seen this today too. Held in my hand for few seconds. I found also apricot smell, maybe worth coming back and getting one :D

    def worth a try if you can find it in poundworld
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    mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    I didn't see the scrub listed above in my Poundworld but there were some very exotic Original Source varieties - blackcurrant and moringa moisturising shower, cherry and jojoba, raspberry and cocoa - plus the usual suspects.
    If you are only after the usual suspects, they are 95p in Wilko's at the moment. (Lemon, Lime, Mint and Tea Tree, Coconut, Raspberry and Vanilla).
    Erma Bombeck, American writer: "If I had my life to live over again... I would have burned the pink candle, sculptured like a rose, that melted in storage." Don't keep things 'for best' - that day never comes. Use them and enjoy them now.
  • DavidP24DavidP24 Forumite
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    Poundworld is THE place to buy

    • Skittles for the kids, for £1 you get 11 small bags
    • Chewits and Vimto 6 pack

    There are plenty of things that are not good value compared to say Wilkinsons or Tesco and Aldi

    These are my regular bargains:

    • Wisdom Triple Pack Toothbrush (Firm)
    • Colgate Gel Toothpaste 100ml
    • Pamered 2 in 1 Coconut Hair and Body wash 1 LITRE
    • Cif Cream Lemon 500ml
    • Morning Fresh washing up Liquid 650m 3 for £2 (strong stuff lasts for ages)
    • Insette 350ml Air Freshener
    • Swish Sponge Scourers 20 pack
    • Oven Cleaner (brands vary includes bag for shelves)
    • Kettle Descaler (brands vary - best is 3 pack of liquid sachets)
    • BLOK Drain unblock liquid with plastic probe to shift hair etc)
    • Right Guard Xtreme 72h Anti-Perspirant 150ml
    • Sure Turbo Motion Sensor Xtreme 48 h Anti-Perspirant 125ml (Compressed)

    Some other bargains

    • Various Glues (9 pack superglue, contact adhesive)
    • Padlocks large and small multipacks
    • Bolt lock for gate
    • various cables for charging (to USB no mains connector)

    Poundland not very good value for snacks, not impressed by any of Crisps or Buscuits

    • Aldi do 10 packs for £1 on own brand snacks like potato rings and Skips

    I think Poundworld really miss out here EXCEPT

    • Pork Scratchings - 2 for £1
    • and Gravy bones for the dog of course!!

    Get people coming in for cheap snacks and they will buy other stuff (has kept petrol stations in biz for years)

    They should sell the non brand cheese snack in transparent bag at 2 for 1, in fact they need a whole 2 for 1 snack section.

    They used to have health cereal bars but now only sell sugar and/or chocolate ones - not health.

    ONE BIG DIFFERENCE I found between Poundworld and Poundland is that at Poundland you get specially created versions of major brands with LESS items, 2 finger kit kat is one example, Tesco sold them a packs with 9 for £1 but Poundland you might get 7 if you are lucky.

    Poundworld seem to sell the very same products you see elsewhere in Supermarkets but for £1

    Another thing about Poundland is I had two bad experiences when I returned items due to poor quality, as well as ridiculing me they refused to honour satisfaction refund promise. Fact is if you value your time and factor in Parking and Petrol if it is dire better to call head office.

    Poundland do have a few ok cheap tools, including small ones for laptop and mobile, also a few decent mobile cables.

    Out of the two I think Poundworld wins everytime.
    Thanks, don't you just hate people with sigs !
  • DavidP24DavidP24 Forumite
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    I was in Poundworld today, quite a few 'brand name' things caught my eye:

    Little packs of Just Brazils, dark and milk.

    Multipack bags of Kettle Chips 5 x 28g, salt and vinegar.

    Teabags - Tetley, PG Tips x 80.

    Lotus biscuits 'as seen in hotels'.

    Huge range of Minions merchandise including boxed Minion mugs that are small enough to use with Nespresso machines.

    The usual Toblerones.

    Lots of 350ml Palmolive Naturals range shampoos and conditioners
    400ml Alberto Balsam s & c

    How is 5 bags of 28g a bargain at a pound when you can get 10 bags of 27g for £1 in ALDI, I know they are Kettle but really once you scoff them you just want another packet and at least with ALDI you have 5 more in cupboard saying "eat me, eat me". Is why I tend not to buy potato snacks, if you buy them you eat them. Best diet advice is to not buy them in the first place.

    Biscuits is Tesco and Aldi start at 0.24p, fancy onces around 40p so paying a pound for a brand that is not really all that and probably makes the buscuits for ALDI anyway,

    I see Tetley offers like that in Supermarkets, I did try a non brand in Poundworld, began with a D and was 160 bags I think. Everyone I give it comments it is good.

    I think ALDI has shown that they can provide their own brand and are usually just as good as main brands, if not you nip over and get that item from LIDL. For example Jelly babies @ 59p ALSO ones have too much powder (sugar) and are too big, LIDL are same price, less powder and they are smaller, so they go further.

    Now WHY did you have to mention the Just Brazils!!
    Thanks, don't you just hate people with sigs !
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