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The Poundworld bargains thread

edited 16 July 2015 at 12:22PM in Quick! Grabbit while you can
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dermsderms Forumite
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edited 16 July 2015 at 12:22PM in Quick! Grabbit while you can
Sorry if another thread - couldn't find and couldn't see these posted. My local Poundworld has Ted Baker men's body spray and antiperspirant, oos on Boots www but £4.07, Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstrutor, cheapest is 3 for £10.00, Panete Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment, £9.99 in Boots and Samy fat hair dry shampoo, £5.99 for 6ozs in Superdrug, think one I got 5 ozs. HTH

Official MoneySavingExpert insert Tue 14 Jul: Poundworld told us most of the above items are available in most Poundworld stores throughout the UK, and are all priced at £1, but couldn’t tell us how long for. Be quick if you want to grab one.

Thanks to derms for sharing this offer.



  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    I was in Poundworld today, quite a few 'brand name' things caught my eye:

    Little packs of Just Brazils, dark and milk.

    Multipack bags of Kettle Chips 5 x 28g, salt and vinegar.

    Teabags - Tetley, PG Tips x 80.

    Lotus biscuits 'as seen in hotels'.

    Huge range of Minions merchandise including boxed Minion mugs that are small enough to use with Nespresso machines.

    The usual Toblerones.

    Lots of 350ml Palmolive Naturals range shampoos and conditioners
    400ml Alberto Balsam s & c
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  • samanthakndsamanthaknd Forumite
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    Couldn't believe my luck today bought 3 of these (only had 2 shades Medium Ash Brown and an orange/blonde type one, never paid any attention to the shade name)2155835?$detail$
    Need to get rid of my Yankee Candle Habit, Not very money saving of me :)
  • London_GirlLondon_Girl Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Yup, agree such a bargain, bought few boxes myself;)
  • LaoCaponLaoCapon Forumite
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    My local Poundworld have got some Haribo Minions gummies. 150g carton, £1.00. It said that they were exclusive, but I don't know if that might be the size of the carton maybe? I have seen the bags elsewhere, but this was a proper carton, like the Quality Street cartons. Anyway, they're tasty and as I love everything Minions, I'm sure I'll be buying more!
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    LaoCaponLaoCapon Forumite
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    My local Poundworld has got some Minions Honey Monster Puffs in store. It's a 320g box and it's £1.00.
    The cereal is like ordinary Honey Monster but it's banana flavour, lol. Very Minions!

    I also got some Miss Sporty perfume 100ml, £1.00 for my sister, who is 15.
    They had four fragrances:
    Clubbing Proof
    Morning Baby
    Crush on You
    Pump Up Booster
    It smelled pretty good, actually haha. Maybe I should be using it - the price tag is much less than what I usually pay for perfume!!!

  • My local Poundworld has Sensodyne Extra Fresh toothpaste 75ml. I'm been waiting for a poundshop/99p store to stock Sensodyne.
    The customer behind me in the queue asked me did you pick them for this store? lol.
  • SailorSamSailorSam Forumite
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  • OMG, Local Poundworld now selling Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor , deep treament for coloured LOVE their hair range.
    Normal size bottle, that's 250ml. Only thing is that it's produced for the foreign market, hence different language on packaging, otherwise it's the same product. Bought 3!!
  • EenymeenyEenymeeny Forumite
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    Nice to see a Poundworld thread, thanks OP :)
    The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.
    Thanks to everyone who contributes to this wonderful forum. I'm very grateful for the guidance and friendliness that I always receive from you.
    Please and Thank You are the magic words;)
  • Here are some things I've bought in my local Poundworld over the last week or so, which I thought were good value:

    Magnum Chocolate bar, 90g, £1.00 Available flavours: Classic Chocolate and White Chocolate & Vanilla
    Really nice these, quite large!

    Sally Hansen Nail Gel Strips, £1.00

    Oasis Summer Fruits 375ml, 2 for £1 They had the summer fruit flavour and also Citrus Punch, both flavours 2 for £1.

    McVities Hobnob Chocolate Creams, 2 for £1 These are also 2 for £1! I thought that was really good, but not for my waistline lmao

    Microwave Soup mug with handle, £1.00 Pink, Purple, Blue and Green.
    These are actually great for taking soup to work in, should come in handy going into autumn/winter.

    Disney Frozen Popcorn 4 pack, £1.00 Haha, got this for when my young cousins come to stay next week!! Think they'll defo appreciate it :D
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