Talktlak phone number required other than this one

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Because my internet started crashing more frequently than I would think acceptable, my thoughts were that since having fibre optic and gaining a router as well as a modem, there might be issues, so called talktalk. They offered an all-in-one router which I accepted, they said the line was ok and despatched the router.

This I connected correctly. According to their manual,of the four green lights, three should be steady (power, internet, broadband) and wireless should flash. However more often than not, broadband is flashing. Also I have issues which may or may not be because of that. I frequently need to force stop when closing down which results in black screen on start up. So I called talktalk on 0870 444 1820.

After pressing the appropriate buttons, a recorded voice informed me that they are aware of problems on the line and will notify me by text when clear, meanwhile my incoming landline calls will be diverted to me mobile at no extra charge to anyone.

My landline phone had been working perfectly and I still can dial out, but nothing coming in, only through mobile.

So, with broadband light still flashing, I am in limbo, but what I would like, is another phone number so that I can actually speak to someone.


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    Computer says no....
    :p Regular savers earn 6% interest (HSBC, First Direct, M&S) :p Loans cost 2.9% per year (Nationwide) = FREE money. :p
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    01656 672900

    01553 279545

    One of those numbers is the English team
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    Thank you, I will note them, use them and report back
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    If you don't get anywhere with them try writing to the CEO Baroness Harding - Dido to those of us in regular contact! You can find her email address (and many others) on a website that lists all ceo email addresses - put the first two words together and add a dot com!
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    islandman wrote: »
    Thank you, I will note them, use them and report back

    About three weeks ago, my fibre optic medium internet was constantly slow and pages froze and there were umpteen loss of connections. I phoned my ISP talktalk. They said they would send a new router which would do the job of the router and modem I used. When it came, I followed the easy instructions and off it went. The internet light which should have been stable, flickered constantly and I saw no difference in activity.

    The following day I phoned TT to hear a recorded message telling me there was an outage at the exchange and all my landline calls would be diverted to my mobile and I would be kept informed by text. Text after text followed stating service would be resumed etc. This went on for 11 days, no calls in and rubbish internet. I rang to ask for compensation etc but they said "we will talk about that when it is back to normal", which was OK.

    On the day the text informed everything was back to normal, the phone worked (after 11 days) but the internet wasn't, so I rang again. Their engineer asked me to run a speed test. I couldn't use their preferred choice as it required flash and for whatever reason, flash would not install due to "not enough privileges) so I used one of their choice, it showed a download speed of 13.4Mbps whilst my ipad showed 17Mbps. They told me the speed should be at least 30Mbps but would expect 38Mbps. They said an engineer would call and if the fault was within my premises, I'd have to pay, this I understood.

    The engineer came and after a great deal of testing on his and my machine, he felt I should use an ethernet cable which I connected, he said there was nothing wrong and would organise Openreach to investigate. Throughout, I have had to force closure which meant the black screen. If I set it off to resume normally, there was little or no success, if I started in safe mode with networking it did, but all pages need to be re-set via zoom almost each time they are visited.

    Yesterday I did a full scan which lasted three hours and 32,000 files were checked and those which required deleting, were.

    This afternoon, I resumed surfing in safe mode with networking and noticed a difference. I embarked on speed test running down a google search list. I tested ten sites at random, their uploads were:-
    30.79/36.29/32.47/37.89 and so it goes on, nothing lower than 32.47

    They have clearly done something, so thought I would force stop, then open normally. This failed. Round and round the curser went. Suddenly Start-up Repair appeared and went into action. The result is they could repair whatever it was that they found. I did notice in the task bar a red flashing showing a shield and vcredist_x86.exe from that I either had to give the OK or delete, I've tried them both and haven't notice any difference.

    After force closure again, I am back to safe mode with networking adjusting pages but at least they move.

    I don't quite know what my next move is. The fact that I lack internet knowledge doesn't help, in fact I have kept details of progress just in case.

    Clearly if it IS the laptop, then I suppose I should be looking for a replacement.

    Contacted them again and after 1hr 8 mins talking to talktalk, I was offered 74p for loss of phone for 11 days. Asked to speak to Manager. After repeating details, and confirming openreach had dealt with line, he offered this months £5 as a refund. I told him that imo with slow speeds since Fibre had been installed, this should be recognised, but as I had not reported it, he could do nothing. I had assumed that the speed I was receiving was "it".

    I asked for comp re loss of phone, and that too was £5.

    So I walked away with a grand total of £10 and the new router.

    Now to think about a factory reset.

    But this has not been a success yet.
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    Slow internet won't crash your computer. Make and model?
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    cookie365 wrote: »
    Slow internet won't crash your computer. Make and model?

    Everything is (dare I say it) sorted. 35Mbps, sharp crisp screen following a factory reset.thanks
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