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Always struggled with my skin, clean guy with a good diet, but stress brings me out in spots like a teenager.

No matter what I try doesn't seem to help, what doesn't help is that a lot of guys are still in the mindset that anything other than soap is girly or weird.

I've tried different soaps, scrubs, lotions (the ones you have to use with a cotton pad) spot creams / stick / washes / strips my OH even convinced me to use a "manly" face mask.

I don't moisturise, even after shame balms seem to make it worse.

The only combo that really seemed to help, was a face scrub then a skin cleaner(?) but that dried my skin completely.

Any advice or brands to try?


  • Kaye1
    Kaye1 Posts: 538 Forumite
    I have always had problem skin too. The only thing which has consistently worked for me is The Body Shop Tea Tree Facewash. They have a whole range of tea tree stuff and I only use that in the shower.

    The other brilliant face cleanser which I have been using is Liz Earle Face Cleanser. Go online and check the reviews. It's amazing. Pricey but it lasts a long time.
  • Rambosmum
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    I use clinique. It's quite expensive, the face wash is £11 but it lasts about 4/5 months. They also do an exfoliator and moisturiser and they're hypo allergenic. Pretty much the only things I can use. Not cheap though.
  • sheramber
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    I had a problem skin for many years.

    I was recently recommended CETAPHIL skin cleaner. The differnce has been amazing and was noticeable in days.

    I only get the occasional eruption now and it clears quickly.

    I do find I also need to use a moisturiser , which I have never used before.

    I use Simple face moisturer but CETAPHIL do a face moisturiser.
  • ben_m_g
    ben_m_g Posts: 410 Forumite
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    Thanks for the input.

    Very frustrating, a week without issue, then it starts off and nothing seems to help.
    I will look into these on the weekend.
  • Homeownertobe
    Homeownertobe Posts: 1,023 Forumite
    Go to a Dermalogica counter and let them assess you. Then buy whatever they tell you to and you'll be fine.
  • suki1964
    suki1964 Posts: 14,313 Forumite
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    Liz Earle cleanse and polish and the combi moisturiser
  • welshbookworm
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    I second Dermalogica, not cheap, but you don't need very much of it.
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  • Jagraf
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    Why don't you go to the doc to see if they can prescribe something ? They have loads of options for spots nowadays don't see why it wouldn't work for you?
    Never again will the wolf get so close to my door :eek:
  • SnowL
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    I'll just throw this one into the mix because of my past experiences.

    Try using nothing at all. Just water. Honestly. :eek: (I know lots of people may disagree, and I was mortified at the thought before I started, but hear me out). I have struggled badly with my skin since the age of 12, and about a year ago I finally realised that the chemicals in face washes were just drying my skin out; good for spots as it gets rid of them, but tighten my skin and then I'd moisturise to rehydrate and end up in the same position again!
    Now, I literally just use water, and a really gentle eye make up remover for mascara.

    I've been to the GP in the past who prescribed me acne creams, which just irritated my skin and make it look worse. I've used all kinds of face washes, expensive toners and lotions but literally always had the same, big, spots and an oily face.

    Some people may disagree, but just give it a go for a week or so. I set myself a challenge to see if I could manage it for a week: I was really paranoid that I would feel self conscious so had soap on hand, just in case.

    The oils in your skin will (hopefully) balance out and hopefully you'll see as much of a difference as I have! You haven't got anything to lose; it's a lot cheaper than buying creams or scrubs which just make you break out!

    Good luck! :T

    Snow x
  • I'll second this....haven't used soap on my face since my teens and I'm now in my fifties.....no spots
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