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I've been offered 60% off Sky+£100 Credit... but..

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gypsymothgypsymoth Forumite
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I cancelled Sky about 6 weeks ago and received an offer letter asking me to come back. The deal is..

60% off all bundles
£100 credit on bill

Family bundle (14.40) + Sky Movies (6.80) + their ridiculous HD charge (5.25) - £8.33 a month due to the £100 credit =£18.12 a month.

Thing is, I'd like a slightly better deal. I have a PS4 connected to a TV in the kitchen and would like to use Sky in there. Sky Go Extra is another £5 a month - you need this to use the PS4 Sky app.

I was going to get Sports but I barely watched it last season (I'm a liverpool fan so you cant blame me). Could just buy games on Now TV I guess

Questions if I may..

-- anyone using the Sky PS4 app think it's worth the dosh?
-- has anyone managed to negotiate a free Sky Go Extra upgrade (they turned me down when I asked)
-- anyone getting similar offers or better? I had 75% off last time around but I sense Sky are doing those any more



  • Not had any better this time round, in fact we've just signed back up with them 2 days ago with the same deal you've been offered - 60% off any package and £100 credit with no tie in.
    We quit Sky about 6 months ago but this managed to pull us back in. I think the best they've offered us in the many phones calls in the time away from them was 30% off, which seems to be standard.

    The last time we were with Sky we were offered 50% off for a year to stay. After ages on the phone, the guy went away to 'talk to his manager' and came back with "ok - your really pushing it now, but instead of 50% off for a year, my manager says I can offer 100% off for 6 months!!!"
    As both deals tied us in for a year to Sky, I had to point out it was the same cost to me. I wasn't impressed with that tactic at all.

    I've never tried the Sky Go app on the PS4 but I don''t think i could use the PS4 to watch media without being distracted - the fans are just too loud on mine.
  • gypsymothgypsymoth Forumite
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    Cheers. Not sure sky need to offer those 75% or 100% deals at the moment because their subscriber numbers are up overall

    Really trying to find a simple way of streaming TV to the network enabled TV in the kitchen without connecting up a computer (hassle factor). We use Apple devices in our house so chromecast doesn't cut it. Our Ethernet cabling doesn't allow for one of those hdmi over Ethernet boxes either

    Really begrudge paying £5 just to get telly in another room! :p
  • catwoman73catwoman73 Forumite
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    I'm surprised subscriber numbers are still increasing. Sky TV increases in price massively above inflation and now there are a variety of alternatives offering a similar deal much cheaper. Sky just seems really poor value for money in comparison.

    We have also been offered the 60% off and £100 credit a few months after quitting.

    Still not tempted and quite happy with Now TV and due to the argos half price box and 3 month pass deal, have just prepaid the next six months at £3.33 a month. Sky still not worth the extra and our box probably needs replacing anyway.
  • pen1pen1 Forumite
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    catwoman73 wrote: »
    I'm surprised subscriber numbers are still increasing ......Still not tempted and quite happy with Now TV ....
    Analysts have suspected for some time that the Sky TV subscriber base is falling.

    Research by IHS Technology concluded that all the growth in Sky's tv subscriber base is coming from Now TV.
    .... IHS calculates that Sky's satellite subscriber base declined 52,000 in Q1 2015 compared with Q4 2014, the fourth successive quarter of decline in subscriptions to Sky's core pay-TV service. ....

    Read more:

    Sky no longer report subscriber figures for the satellite tv service separately, hence the need for analysts to predict it.
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