Reusable face wipes: Do you use them?

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Update September 2017

We started this discussion a couple of years ago but the topic's always relevant.

If you're interested in more ways to save money with re-usable products read our Recycle Week Hub.

Join in!

Back to the original post...


7-13 September is #ZeroWasteWeek. We're working with several organisations to highlight how much you could save by re-using and recycling. See the full Zero Waste Week info.

We'd love to know how much you spend on household items and whether you'd save by using re-usable versions. This discussion's all about face wipes. How much do you spend on them and how much could you save by using re-usable or home-made ones instead?

What to do:

Step 1: Use our Demotivator to work out how much you spend on face wipes PER YEAR!
Step 2: Vote in the poll to tell us how much you spend on them.
Step 3: Work out how much you'd save by using re-usables instead
Step 4: Post in the forum thread below to tell us how much you think you'd save per year.
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How much do you spend on face wipes per year? 81 votes

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  • davetrousersdavetrousers Forumite
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    Isn't a reusable (not hyphenated) face wipe simply a flannel?

  • shandyclovershandyclover Forumite
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    Household of 3 girls here...

    We all use reusable s. Muslin cloths and/or flannels with coconut oil or hot cloth cleanser. Our skin likes it better. Mine reacts if I use wipes for more than a few days in a row.

    We do however buy disposable wipes for travel and convenience (girls in dance and drama) so to take off make up in dressing rooms.

    While you save not buying disposable wipes, you also have to factor in the amount of flannels you need and the detergent and electricity needed to get them snow white again!
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  • rainbowfairydustrainbowfairydust Forumite
    16.4K Posts
    10,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    i just use baby wipes. They are the same thing but better value :money:
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  • fixxfixx Forumite
    790 Posts
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    I'm not sure I understand this - I've never heard of re-usable face wipes?! I don't buy many normal face-wipes, just the odd small pack for travelling.

    At home I use face towels/flannels or a muslin cloth.
  • asajjasajj Forumite
    5.1K Posts
    Seventh Anniversary 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Rampant Recycler
    I have given up using face wipes last year and bought muslin clothes from Amazon for £3.50 for about 8 of them.

    I still have odd face wipes in house that I use to clean bathroom door etc.

    I used to spend around £4-5 a month on them so I have saved around £50-60 as well as environmental benefits.
  • Susan1962Susan1962 Forumite
    297 Posts
    Hi all - Shandyclover - agree with you on the muslin cloths or flannels, although much prefer the latter. I suppose if you have the same colour hand towels you could always pop them in the same hot wash. I soak them overnight as recommended by Aggie and Kim - boiling hot water and a cupful of the cheapest possible biological powder, left overnight. Drain it in the morning and stick it in the machine - comes out sparkling and is very cheap. Also works on underwear!

    Rfd - please be careful with baby wipes. They're designed to counteract urea and might end up drying or irritating your skin. Honestly a hot flannel and some old fashioned cold cream (Boots still do it with rose oil, smells gorgeous and it's cheap) and works just as well
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  • Meg_xMeg_x Forumite
    2.7K Posts
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    I use face wipes in the morning, but at night I use muslin cloths to take my cleanser off, then just put them in the wash.

    So I probably use roughly a pk a month, so 12 a year.

    Wow, never realised how much I spend on them. At least £30 a year!:eek:

    Maybe I'll switch to my muslin cloths in a morning too.
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  • pogofishpogofish Forumite
    10.7K Posts
    Part of the Furniture 10,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Why not jut use a facecloth? - Reusabe or not, buying face wipes sounds like wasteful profligacy to me!

    Festivals/camping with limited faciities re about the only places I've ever felt the need to use wipes.
  • missbiggles1missbiggles1
    17.5K Posts
    10,000 Posts Combo Breaker
    I use facewipes at night to cleanse and take off makeup but a proper soap and water wash in the morning. I buy them from Lidl so very cheap.

    Before you could get these, I'd take off eye mkeup with cotton wool balls and remover, so I don't think there's much difference between the two in terms of profligacy, only convenience.
  • PasturesNewPasturesNew Forumite
    70.7K Posts
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    Local markets - bundle of four flannels for £1 - will probably last you 10-15 years!
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