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does a hd ready tv have freeview

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March2012March2012 Forumite
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can anyone help with info as buying one if has freeview. thanks


  • Kurtis_BlueKurtis_Blue Forumite
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    99% (statistical guess) of TVs sold in the UK will have freeview built in, they will state the brand freeview on the specs.

    Not all however have freeviewHD, whether it is HD ready or anything else.

    Just check the specs.
  • PlutoinCapricornPlutoinCapricorn Forumite
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    Is it a new or second-hand TV? A few years ago, many TVs needed an extra box for HD or even Freeview, but the new model I bought last September had both built in. This seems to be standard now.
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  • CornucopiaCornucopia Forumite
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    Which make & model?

    Most will have Freeview built-in.
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  • InsideInsuranceInsideInsurance Forumite
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    HD Ready simply meant the screen had 720 rows and could accept a 1080i signal and downscale it to play and supported HDMI and HDCP.

    There is no requirement for a HD Ready set to have freeview tuner built in but the vast majority would have
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