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Please help work out before I go mad.....

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Hello everyone.

I left sky at beginning of June as I was going to go to Virgin. A couple of days ago I received an email stating that if I returned I would have 60% off any sky bundle for 12 months and £50 bill credit.

Spoke to live chat who said he could not find the exact offer but would match it as close as he could, strange :S.


I have chosen to go for sky family bundle, unlimited fibre (38mb) and line rental.

This is what I was offered:

''Sky Advisor
I have changed you to the Family Bundle this will be £21.50 for 12 months. £36 normally.
Sky Advisor
Unlimited fibre will be £10 for 10 months, Normally £20
Sky Advisor
Line Rental will be £8.90 for 10 months, Normally £16.40.
This is a total of £40.40 for the first 10 months and then £57.90 for the final 2 months. 12 month Family bundle contract and 18 month phone and Broadband contract. Package price is normally £72.40.''

He also honoured the £50 credit which will be taken off my bill.

Is this a similar overall price to what I would have received if I had gone for 60% off of family bundle and half price fiber for 6 months? Line rental would have stayed at full price.

I have tried working it out but I am very bad with maths.



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    teddysmumteddysmum Forumite
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    It's actually better.

    Original deal

    Phone 12X £16.40 =£196.80
    Fibre 6X£20+6X£10=£120+£60=£180
    TV 12X £14.40 (40% of £36)=£172.80

    Total £549.60 ( £499.60 with credit)

    Your deal

    Phone 10X£8.90+2X£16.40=£89+£32.80=£121.80
    Fibre 10X£10+2X£20=£100+£40=£140
    TV 12X£21.50=£258

    Total £519.80 (£469.50 with credit)
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    TropezTropez Forumite
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    60% of £36 would be £21.60 so if you were getting 60% off £36 that would have been £14.40 per month.

    Half price fibre is easy enough at £10 per month, so your current total is £24.40 per month.

    Add full price line rental at £16.40 and you're up to £40.80.

    So for the most part, ignoring those final two months, yes the deal you were given is equivalent per month and due to the fibre deal lasting longer, and the saving on the line-rental, it mounts up to be slightly better.
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