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How you are informed of wins..

edited 9 December 2013 at 9:50PM in Compers Chat Corner
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edited 9 December 2013 at 9:50PM in Compers Chat Corner
Thought it might be a good idea for a thread that shows you how the different websites or prize promoters etc usually let you know that you have won. Ill post the ones I know here so if there are anymore etc let me know and Ill update the original post. If its not a good idea Ill quite happily delete the thread but thought some people might find it useful and didnt think it had already been done. I dont know which ones you have to check the website for and dont know for ones I havent won through! Couldnt decide how to put them so have put them alphabetically by website/promoter

4 Music - by phone
50connect - by email
About my Generation - by email
Absolute Radio - by phone
Acegamez - email/just turn up
Age Net - just turn up (adult site) - by email
All In London - by email
All About Animals - Just turned up
All About Soap - just turn up
All About You - by phone
Allison and Busby - by email
Altern8 - by email
Amazon - by email or just turn up or by phone
American Express - by email
Amo Eyecare - by email
Amoralia - by email
Anchor - by email
Andover Advertiser - just turn up
Andover Sound - by email or phone call
Annabel Karmel - Email and Phone
Apollomag - by email
Appletiser- by email
Appliances Online - by phone
Argos - by email and/or phone call
Askamum - by email or just turn up
Askbaby - by email
Ask Jeeves - by phone
At Home magazine - by letter
Aussie - just turn up
Autotrader - just turn up or by email
B & Q - by letter
BAA - by email
Baby Centre - just turn up
- by email
Baby Expert - just turn up
Babyworld - just turn up or by email
Bagthat - by phone then email
Ballet Lingerie - by email
Bambino Goodies - Email
Bargain Booze - just turn up
Barmy Army - by email
Barry M - by email or just turn up
Batteryforce - by email
Bauer - by letter
BBC - by email
BBC Good Homes - by letter - by email
Beauty Bible - by email
Beauty Guild - on website
Beauty and the Dirt - just turn up, sometimes by phone or email
Beauty Pages - by email or just turn up
Ben and Jerrys - by email
Bench - by phone
Benefit Cosmetics - by email
Best - by email
Beyond Leeds - by phone
Big Green Switch - By email as you need to confirm details
Big Top 40 - by email
Bingobase - by email
Birmingham Bullring - just turn up
Birmingham mail - by letter
Biscuiteers - by email
Bittersweet - by email
Bliss - by email
Bloodstock- by email
BMRB - by phone
Book Geeks - by email
Booktrust - by email
Boomerang - by phone then email
Boots Parenting club - just turns up
Born to Loaf - by email
Bounty - by email
Brand New You - just turn up
Britfilms - by email or just turn up
Britflicks - by email
british horse racing - telephone call
B Sky B - by email
Burns Jewellers - by DM on twitter or email
Butlins - by email
Capital - just turn up or by email
Carling - just turn up
Carling Academy - by phone or email
Cartoon Network - by email
Caterersearch - by email
Cathy Kidston - by email or just turn up
Century Radio - just turn up
Ceros Media - Just turn up
Cetaphil - just turn up
CITV - by email, can just turn up
Channel 4 - by email or phone
Channel 5 - by phone
Cherry Bliss - just turn up
Chat - by letter
Chicklitreviews - by email
Child Education Plus - just turn up
Choices UK - by email
Chortle - by email
Chris and Phil Present - by email
Churchill - by email
Cineworld - by email
Classic FM - by phone or email or just turn up
Classic Rock - by phone
Closer - by phone
Club 18-30 - by post
Coffee Cup - by email
Cokezone - by email
Colgate/Palmolive - by email
Collection 2000 - by phone
Collectors Club of Great Britain - Letter or turn up
Colourcatcher - by phone
Comet - by phone
Community Channel - by email
CompletelyNovel - by email
Computeractive - by email
Connect50 - by email
Cookshop - just turn up
Cook Vegetarian Magazine - just turn up
Cooler Mag - by email
Cosmopolitan - Just turns up
Costcutter - by email
Countryfile - Just turns up
Crafts Beautiful - just turn up/letter or by email
Cricket World - by email
Crime and Investigation - by email
Custom PC - by email
Cycle Weekly - just turn up
Daily Echo - by email
Daily Express - just turn up or phone
Daily Mail - by email or phone
Daily Star - by letter
Daily Telegraph - by phone
Daisy Green Magazine - by email
Dandy Xtreme - just turn up
Dare Magazine - just turn up
Dave Pearce - by email
Decanter - by letter
Delia - by email
Deskdemon - just turn up
DfDS Ferries - by email
Digital Chocolate - by email
Digital Spy - by email or just turn up
Discovery - by email
DIsney - email
Disney Channel - by phone
Disney Cinemagic - by phone
Diva - by email
Dizanne - by email
DK Findout Magazine - just turn up
Dobbies garden centres - By emai
Doctor Who - just turn up
Do Crafts - just turn up/letter
Dole - just turn up
Don't Panic - just turn up
Doritos - by email
Dorset Cereal - by email
Dorset Echo - Just turn up
DP Now - by email
Dr Who - Just turn up
Duvet and Pillow Warehouse - by email
E4 - by email
EatMyBrains - by email
ECOutlet - by email
Egmont Press - just turn up
Egyptian Hip Hop gig tickets - by email
EMI - by email
Emerald City - by email
Emmas Diary - by letter
Eparenting - by email
Esquire - just turn up
Exclamation - by email
Empire - just turn up
Empire Interactive - by email
Entertainment-focus - by email
Entertainmentwise - by phone or email
Ents24 - by email
ESPN - just turn up
Evening Post - by letter
Evening Standard - by email or post - by email
Evo magazine - just turn up
Express - by letter
Express & Star / Shropshire Star - by post
Eye For Film - by email..........................................WINNERS LIST
Faber - by email
Fabulous Magazine - just turn up or by phone
Fairy- just turn up
Family Fun Guide - by email
Family Rapp - by email or just turn up
Female First - By e mail or just turn up
FHM - just turn up or by phone
Fifth Gear (Five TV) - By Telephone
Fighters Only - Just turns up
Filmstalker - by email
Fine Individual Hotels - by email or facebook
First News - by letter
Five - by email
Five Film - just turn up
Focus DIY - by email - by email
For Parents by Parents - just turn up
ForteanTimes - Just arrive with comps slip
Fourfourtwo - by email
France in London - by email
France Magazine - by letter
Frasers Autographs - just turn up - by email
Freeview - by email
From Bump to Grump - just turn up
Full House - just turn up or by letter
Funday times - phone call
Funky Fogey - by email
Funswimshop - by email
Gadget Candy - by email
Galaxy4deals - by twitter
Galaxy Gamecom - by letter
Galaxy Radio - by phone
Gamepage - just turns up.......................................WINNERS LIST
Garden News - by letter
Garnier - just turn up
Gaydar Nation - just turn up
gem106 - telephone
Generationone - by email
German Wines Club - by email
Get Lippy - by email
Get To The Front - by email
GFK - by email
Gift Chooser - by email
Gilliam Mckeith - by email
Girlsforum - by PM
Girl Talk - just turn up
Glamour - by email or letter
Glasgow Comedy Festival - by email
GMTV - by email or just turn up or by phone................WINNERS LIST
Goldenballs - by phone
Golden Bear - just turn up
Golf Punk - by email
Gonedigging- Email
Good Housekeeping - by email
Good To Know - by email
Good Year - by email
GQ - by email
Grazia - just turn up
Great Competitions - by post or phone or email
Guardian - by email
Gurgle - by email
Hair Magazine - by phone
Hallmark - by email
Halos n Horns - just turn up
Hampshire Baby - just turn up
Handbag - by phone
Harveys - by email
Healthy Supplies - just turn up
Heart 103 - by phone
Heart Radio - by phone or just turn up
Heathrow Airport - by email
Heat Magazine - by phone
Heat Radio - by phone
Heinz - by email
Hello - by letter or phone or just turn up
Hewlett Packard - by email
HeyUGuys - by email
Hints and Things - by email
Hipp - just turn up
History Channel- by email
Hit40uk - just turn up
HMV - by email
Hobbycraft - just turn up
Holy Moly - by email
Homes and Gardens - just turn up or by email
Homes and Properties - .................................WINNERS LIST
Homesworldwide - just turn up
Horse -by post
Horse & Rider - just turn up
Houseandhomeideas - by email
Huck Magazine - by email
Huggiesclub - email
icons - email
IGN - just turn up
Ideal Home - by letter or just turn up
Imperfectly Natural - by email
Independent - by phone or letter
Inspired Living - by email
In Style - just turn up
Interbike - by phone
In The Night Garden - just turn up
inthenews - Email
Invicta Radio - just turn up
ipodprizedraw - email
Itchy - just turn up
ITV - by phone ..........................WINNERS LIST
Janeojewels - by email
Japan Airlines - by email then letter
Jazz FM - Just turn up
Jet2 - by email
Jetix - just turn up
John Lewis - by email - Email
Kelkoo - by email
Kelloggs......................................................................WINNERS LIST
Kerrang - by phone
Key 103 - just turned up
Kidderminstershuttle - just turns up
Kidaround - just turn up
Kiss FM - by email
Kitbag - Phonecall
Kitchengarden - just turn up
Kitchen Goddess - by email
Knit Today - just turn up
Kyle Cathie Publishing - just turn up
Lambrini - just turn up
Landsend - by phone
La Senza - by phone
Lasinoh - just turn up
Last Broadcast - just turn up..................WINNERS LIST - by phone
Leadmetoit - by email
Le Creuset - by email - by email
Like2win - facebook
lionsgate films: By Email
Littlewoods - by email
Liverpool Confidential - by phone
Living North Magazine - by phone or email
Liz Earle - by email - by email
Lolasland - email
Lolasworld - by email
London24 - just turn up
Londonnet - by email
Look - just turn up or letter or by email
Loose Women - by phone
L'Oreal - just turn up
Love British Food - by email
Love Film - by phone or email
Love It - just turn up
Lovehoney - by email
Love Reading 4 Kids - just turn up
Lucozade - by text
Luminoso - by email
Lycos - by email
Magic 103 - by email
Malibu - just turn up
Manchester Pride - by email
Marie Claire - just turn up
Match Mag - by email
Mature Times - by post or email or just turn up........................................WINNERS LIST
Maxim Mag - by email
Maxpower - by email
Meet The Author - by email
Manchester Evening News - by phone or email or just turn up
Match Fishing Magazine - by email
Meadowhall (Sheffield) - by phone
Mens Fitness - just turn up
Merlin Entertainment - just turned up
Metro - just turn up or by phone
Military Times - by email
Ministry of Sound - by email
Mirror - by email or phone or by post
Miss Sporty - just turn up
Mobile Choice - by phone
Modelzone - by email - by email
More - by email or just turn up
Morrisons - by email
MOTD mag for kids - just turn up
Motors TV - by email
MPora - winners list
MSN / Nivea for men - by letter
MTV - by email or just turn up or by phone
Mum and Working - by email or just turn up
Mum Knows Best - by email
Mumzone - by email - by email
My Baby - email
MyBrum TV - by email
My Child - just turn up
Mydeco - by email
My Films - by email - email
mykindaplace - just turn up
My Movies - by email or just turn up
My Village - just turn up
National Farmers Union - just turn up
National Geographic Channel - by email
National Geographic Kids - just turn up
National Horse and Pony Network - by email
Nationwide - by phone
Neals Yard - by email - by email
Net Mums - by email
Newbury Weekly News - by letter
Newcastle - by email
New Classics..............................................................WINNERS LIST
New Woman - by email
Nick Jr - just turn up
Nickolodeon - just turn up
Nivea - just turn up
NME- phone
Northsound 2 - by email
North West Newsquest - by post
Norwich Evening News - by phone
NOTW - just turn up
Now Magazine - by email or just turn up
nRevolution - just turn up
Nuts - by phone, can just turn up
Oasis - by email
O2 - by phone
Observer - by email
Oceanspray - by email - by email
Older is Wiser - by email
One Poll - by phone
Opodo - by email
Orange - just turn up
Organic Pharmacy - by email
Our Zone Mag - Twitter PM
Oxy - by email
Paddington Times - just turned up
Painters Online - by email
Panasonic - by email
Pan Macmillian - just turn up or by email
Paramount - by email
Parentdish - by email - by post
Park Magazine - by post
PC Pro - by email
PDSA - just turn up
Pencils - by email
Penguin - just turn up
Pentel - just turn up
People - by letter
Pepsi - just turn up
Period Living - by email
PETA - by email
Philosophy Football - by email
Phones 4U - by phone
Pick Me Up Magazine - by email.................................................WINNERS LIST
Pieta Art - by email
Pigsback - email
Planet Rock - just turn up
Planet Rugby - by phone or email........................WINNERS LIST
Planet Science - just turn up
Play - by email
Playboy - by email
Pogo - by email
Pomegreat - by email
Popfun - by phone
Pop TV - by phone
Pots and Pans - ny email
Prima - just turn up
Primary Times - just turn up or by email
Pushchairtrader - by phone
Puzzler - by letter
Q the Music - phone then email
Quidco giveaways - by email
Racespec - by email
RACezine - email
Radio Times - by letter or email or just turn up
RAF news - just turn up
Raising Kids - by email or just turn up................WINNERS LIST
Random House - email/just turn up
Real Homes - by email
Real People Magazine - by letter or just turn up or email
Real Radio - by email or letter or just turn up
Record Collector - just turn up
Red Hot Sunglasses - by email
Resident Advisor - by email
Reveal - by phone
Reviewed online - by email
Richer Sounds - by email
Ridesafe - just turn up
Rimmel London - just turn up or email
Ritz - by email
Road Runner Records - by email
Roberts Radio - by email
Rocketdog - by email
Rocklouder - by email
Rock Radio - just turn up
Rugby World - just turn up
Ryvita - by email
schuh - by email
Schwartz - by email
Scholastic, (inc Junior Ed, Child Ed. etc) - Just turn up or email
Sci Fi Online - just turn up
Sci Fi UK - by email
Scottish Book Trust - just turn up
Screenrush - just turn up
Screenthing - Just turns up
Scrum of the Earth - by phone
Scuzz - by phone
Sebo - by email
Sega - website/turn up - by email - by text
She Cycles - by email
She Magazine - just turn up
Shire Hotels - by email
Shortlist - by phone or email
Shout - just turn up
Shrek - instant and email confirmation
Silver Creek Villas - by email
Simply Entertainment - by email
Sixtyplussurfers - by email or just turn up
Sky - by email or landline
Sky Kids - just turn up
Sky Movies - just turn up
Sky Sports - by phone
Slimming world - just turn up
Smooth Radio London - Just turn up
Smooth Radio Scotland - by text
Smyths Toy shop - by phone
Snack a Jack - by email or phone
So - just turn up
Soft Pauer - by phone
SoGlos - by Email
Songpeople - by email
Southern Comfort - by phone
Sparkle World Magazine - by phone or just turn up
Speakerbox - by email
Specsavers - just turn
Sporting Life - by phone
Sportsguide - by email
SportSister - just turn up
Sport UK - by email
Stairway of Life - email
Star Magazine - just turn up
Strongbow - just turn up
Stuff - by email
STV - email or phone
Stylebirmingham - by email
Stylefinder - by email
Stylist - by email
Subba Culture - by email
Sugarscape- Just turn up
Sunday Express - just turn up
Sunday Mail - by email
Sunday Mercury - by phone
Sunday Post - by post
Sunday Times Style - phone call or just turn up
Superdrug - just turn up
Superdrug Twitter - by direct message
Supernanny - Just turn up
Sure - by email
Surfeurope - by email
Syfy - by email
T4 - by email
T4 - by phone
Take a break - by post
Talksport - by phone
Tamworth Snowdome - by letter
TCM - by email
tech radar - by email
Tesco - by email
TFM - picked up or delivered
Thats Life - just turn up or by letter
Thats nice - by email
The Argos - just turn up
The Baby Website - email............WINNERS LIST
The Book People - by phone
The DE Tour - just turn up
The English Garden - by email
The First Post - by email
The Guardian - email
The Hollywood news - by email
The Lady - just turn up
The London Paper - by phone or email or just turn up
The Pink Sugar Mouse - by email
The Poets Club - by email
THES - website/turn up/by email
The Site Guide - by email
The Skinny - by email
The Sun - by email/phone/just turn up...........................WINNERS LIST
The Telegraph - by email or just turn up or phone
The Times - just turn up
The Weekly News - Just turned up or post
Think Baby - by phone
Think Camera - just turn up
This is Local London - by email
This is London - by email, sometimes by phone or post
Thorntons - by email
tick!!!!!!!! - Email
Time Out - by phone
times online - by phone
Tiscali - by email
TKMaxx - just turn up
Total Film - by email
Top Gear - just turn up
Topman - by phone
Total Kiss - by email
Total Rock - by email.....................................................WINNERS LIST
Total Sci-fi - just turn up
Totz2teens - by email or private message
Toxic - just turn up
Toys R Us - by email
Toy Talk - just turn up
Transcend Media - by email
True Crime Library - just turn up
True Movies - by email
TV Choice - just turn up
TV Hits - just turn up
TV News - by phone
TV Time Warp - by email
Ubisoft - by email
UHI - by email
UknowotImean - by email
UKTV - by email
Unmissables - by email
Urban Planet - by email
Usborne Books - by letter
Vans - by email
Vault TV - by email
Video-C - by email
View London - by email
Virgin media - just turn up
Virgin Megastores - by email
Virgin Radio - by phone
Visit Birmingham - just turn up
Visit London - just turn up
Visit Scotland - by email, letter or just turns up
Vogue - just turn up
Vouchercloud - by email
Waitrose - just turn up
Walesonline - just turn up or by phone or by email
Wanderlust - just turn up
Waterstones - by email
Wave fm - just turned up
Web User - just turn up or by letter or by email
Wedding Magazine - by email or phone
Weekend - by phone
What Digital Camera - just turn up
What hifi - by email
Whats on Stage - by letter
Whats On TV - by email or just turn up
What to do with the kids - Just turn up
Windows Vista Magazine - by email
Wine Ware - by email
[email protected] - by phone
Woman - just turn up
Woman and Home - just turn up or by email
Woolworths - by email
World of Cross Stitching - by letter
Wrigleys - by email
XFM - by phone
Yahoo - by email
Yazoo - just turn up
Yorkshire Life Magazine - by letter
You & Your Wedding magazine - email
Your Home - just turn up
Yours - by letter
Zoe Griffin - email
Zoo - just turn up or email
Weight Loss - 102lb


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