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Sky viewing card problem

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nwc389nwc389 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in TV MoneySaving
Over the last couple of weeks our sky has gone off and the message problem with the viewing card has appeared . If I take the card out and wipe it and power the box back up it then works ok . The sky card looks like it is burnt around the chip .
I'm guessing I will have to contact sky and sort out a new card as it's happened a couple of times just over the last few days but the problem is the fact that we will lose sky for a number of days until the new card comes and the family has gone into meltdown about missing the last 2 episodes of Game of Thrones and OH is going mad about missing cricket he was looking forward to .
Has anyone had to do this recently that can give me an idea of how long they waited for the new card ?
Can any one offer me any hints on how to keep the old one going for a week or so until GOT is finished ?
if I order the card when it comes do I have to phone anywhere to activate it or can it be put straight in the box ?
Finally will sky go work while the card is deactivated ?


  • macmanmacman Forumite
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    New card will need to be paired with the box, in the meantime you will still get all the non-sub channels.
    Could be a fault with the box not the card.
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  • MoneymakerMoneymaker Forumite
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    If the card is burnt, that's more likely to be a Digibox fault so BOTH the card and the Digibox should be replaced, as a precaution. You will lose any recordings.

    As soon as you request a new card, your existing one will be disabled.

    I recommend you contact Sky and state that the Digibox is "dead". Don't give any details - just insist that it's "dead and won't light up" so you can't do any tests. They'll send a technician with a replacement. (Alternatively, buy one off eBay or wherever then pair your card with it.)

    If it turns out that the card is still faulty in the replacement Digibox, then you can deal with that separately. However, from what you state, it sounds as if the card might be OK once you've let it cool down. (The "wiping" is irrelevant.)
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