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Soooooo, after more than five years of mostly lurking I've decided to start a diary in an attempt to motivate myself through the last 18 months of my DMP.
My DMP started in August 2010 when I left my other half, I was an idiot and enjoyed living a life far above what I could afford so instead of it being a lovely new start with skipping and rainbows, it was utterly terrifying as I had just over £40k of unsecured debt to deal with
I now owe £9,950 so I'm feeling quite excited that a) it's less than £10k and b) I should be completely debt free by Christmas next year.
As well as feeling excited, I also feel really sad; the chances of me ever having a mortgage and owning my home seem so small and I also feel quite worried that I will somehow manage to mess everything up again when my DMP is finally done. I can't even begin to imagine what it will be like having an "extra" £500+ in my bank account each month?!


  • It was MOT day today, one of my least favourite days of the year! She sailed through though with just one advisory thingy - whoop! I had £250 in the "car pot" so have paid an extra £50 towards my credit card debt this month, the remaining £200 will go towards servicing next month.

    I'm trying to use up some of my toiletries/make up stash, just slapped some body shop body butter on and felt a bit bad for applying it so "generously" but then decided that it's better to use and enjoy it than have it sat in a cupboard going bad. I think I'm going to join the No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries thread for June to see if I can get some bits and pieces used up - how many nude lipsticks and beige eye shadows does one person really need after all!
  • Hi! I started my diary today too! :)

    I echo your fears about never getting a mortgage and owning your own home. It plays on my mind all the time! I keep thinking that by the time I've paid off my debts and my defaults and arrangement to pay markers have all dropped off my credit file I'll be 38 which is REALLY pushing it in terms of getting a mortgage! My aim is to have saved up a huge deposit by that point (8 years away) so that a bank would only have to give me a tiny mortgage and won't laugh me out the office!

    My debt free date is going to be around Xmas next year too - good luck! :T
  • Happy Diary Day and super duper good luck to you too! :) I'm so glad it's not just me!
  • Still have my "use stuff up" head on, a face mask is hopefully working wonders (if only!) as I type. Also kept a hand cream on my desk at work today to remind me to use it but it's SO hard to use a pen after using hand cream and everything is now covered in greasy fingerprints so may bring it home and use it on my feet instead, I don't like having sticky hands!

    NSD planned for tomorrow, have my lunch sorted in the fridge and a post it note reminder on the front door :)

    TV licensing people have written to me AGAIN asking me to declare AGAIN that I don't need a license. It's Netflix all the way here, can't believe that I used to pay for a bazillion channels on Sky but then it's only me here so I don't have to think about what anyone else wants :T
  • Super-productive day today! Collected a parcel from the Post Office and visited the greengrocers, mowed the lawn, three loads of washing done and line dried (including bedding so clean sheets tonight - yay!), filled the bird feeders, made a banana and walnut loaf (AMAZING! It's not going to last very long!), sorted out a few clothes drawers, painted my nails and now swishing coconut oil in my mouth to whiten up the nashers - feel a bit like a superhero! A nice bath is on the agenda for this evening and will finish reading The Girl on the Train (recommended by And Dream of Sheep on her diary thread - thanks ever so!), it's a brilliant read so far, quite emosh if you've ever had issues with drinking, very addictive!
    The banana and walnut loaf was something I pinned on Pinterest a while ago. Found a few frozen bananas whilst rummaging through the freezer and thought I'd give it a go! During June I am going to try and make/bake something that I have pinned each weekend.
    Also finished listing all my toiletries/make up in a nerdy spreadsheet, am going to be super strict in June and only buy something new if I don't have a back up - wish me luck! :smiley:
  • Another productive day, feeling very organised! Visited the supermarket for some coffee discs (only have one in the morning) and fabric conditioner, nipped in to TK Maxx as have been keeping an eye out for some new work shoes and managed to just buy the shoes and nothing else which is just unheard of! :A
    Realised I'd forgotten to buy milk so went in to M&S....... Big mistake....... Came out with quite a bit more than milk but will be able to take lunch to work with me most days so a few NSDs hopefully. Finished all the ironing and put it away then hoovered round and watered the house plants. Finished my book last night so going to find a film to watch. Need to get the epilator out for a quick torture session later - deep breath! :eek:
  • NSD (#1) today - whoop! Going to try for ten this month and for each one pay £5 off my credit card debt. I felt so organised taking breakfast (overnight oats), lunch (chicken salad) AND snacks (slice of banana & walnut loaf and an apple to eat with peanut butter) with me this morning, I also find that I can concentrate for longer when I don't eat rubbish so win/win!
    Also signed up for the "No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries" thread for June and used up my first thing in the shower this evening, felt great to delete something from my embarrassingly long list of things that need using up!
    I'm feeling really positive at the moment, hopefully it will last longer than the usual couple of weeks:)
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    Well done you! I have also started to use up stuff i have i the cupboards before i start buying anything else :j
    Virtual sealed pot 2019 member #6 :j
    £0.00/£200 :)
  • I'm going to be super strict with myself this month lozzy81, I really want to to get to the point where I only buy something when I need it. I'm rubbish when it comes to buying cleaning stuff (of all things!) too, I have bleach and Dettol galore!!! It would be really interesting to understand why we do it - I hardly ever buy clothes and you'd think that excessive buying of clothes and toiletries would go hand in hand (in a "I wanna be pretty!" way)?!
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    Hi Almostthere
    just to say wow! That is incredible what you've done. A huge amount to clear. Well done you!
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
    Roadkill 17 £56.58 2016-£62.28 2015- £84.20)
    RYSAW17 £1900 2016 £2,535.16 2015 £1027.20
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