uSwitch Boiler Breakdown Insurance Discussion

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uSwitch Boiler Breakdown Insurance Discussion

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edited 30 November -1 at 12:00AM in Insurance & Life Assurance

This is a feedback thread on boiler breakdown comparison provider:

Please share your experience with other MoneySavers. Click reply to take part:
  • Have you experienced problems?
  • Are you happy with the listed providers?

The feedback comes as part of the Boiler Breakdown Insurance guide.

Thank you,

MSE Tony


  • frodobfrodob
    33 posts
    surprisingly few options
  • Just go off the phone with B Gas. Re-newed Home care 2 policy.

    Initial ask by B Gas £19.60/month - a 19% increase

    settled price for same policy, following haggling and using the uswitch website

    £13.36/month......a 19% decrease on last year and 38% saving on the renewal premium.

    not bad for a friday afternoon...now onto the house insurance....
  • KatieMWKatieMW
    16 posts
    We have British Gas homecare 2 plus inspection of the gas hob and gas fire. They want £442.97 this year -£36.90 per month. Far too much! But I cant see the appliances cover in any of the other providers options. Advice appreciated please!
  • csgohan4csgohan4
    7.1K posts
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    why not self cover and put what you would have put into an emergency fund for when you need to repair or need a new boiler for example..

    Bare in mind most won't cover your boiler over a certain age in terms of replacement
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  • KatieMWKatieMW
    16 posts
    Many thanks - but we would still like the maintenance inspection and certificate for the boiler - and having an expert on call for the hob and fire is worth having?
  • RayHRayH
    2 posts
    Hi KatieMW
    I have the same insurance with BG. I have just phoned up them up and said that I was browsing the alternative suppliers thru uswitch and was very interested in them. Then I quoted BG's own figures on uswitch which gave a price with a £60 excess. BG went away and came up with a discount for me...they phoned me back with prices with and without excess. I took the latter which is more than £10 per month better than the quote on the renewal letter, As per stephen118, gentle haggling works.
  • KatieMWKatieMW
    16 posts
    Many thanks - I will negotiate with BG in the morning :-)
  • jg147jg147
    5 posts
    I cancelled my BG cover, we had 2x appointments for annual service that they didnt arrive for due to other emergencies - half day slots allocated so time off work wasted. After complaint they refunded my payments.
  • KatieMWKatieMW
    16 posts
    I did the same as RayH - chap agreed to take the cost down to last year. I asked them to do a bit better - went away and came back with about £100 reduction - result! No problem with their attending appointments - so fingers crossed!
  • lislelisle
    198 posts
    Does anyone have any experience of this company?
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