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I've got a regular order (Subscribe & Save) with Amazon for nappies. It's for size 1 in a pack quantity of 74. The cost is £6.40.
I got an email today telling me that it's no longer available, but a pack of 72 is available. That's £7.51.

Smaller pack, more money.

I go on the website - the 74 is still listed, and is now £7.72.

Someone's making money here...


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    Make up your mind. The larger pack is now more expensive than the smaller pack. That is a good thing, surely? And it is cheaper per nappy than the smaller one.

    Price has gone up. So? "Someone is making money". Eh? Yes, if you don't agree with shopping then try bartering for a pack. How do you source the funds you pay for the nappies with?
  • No, I think what he means is "someone is making money rather underhandedly here", rather than just "someone is making money".

    But you already knew that, and just wanted to snipe, didn't you...
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