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Insurance2go Mobile Phone Insurance Discussion

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Insurance & Life Assurance
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  • flimjoflimjo Forumite
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    Hi, I took your recommendation. Filled out all paperwork, set up DD, then it tells me it does not cover under 16. I set up policy for my daughter and her new phone

  • DonnySaverDonnySaver Forumite
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    Took out insurance for my phone yesterday but had to call and cancel it today after reading the policy document they emailed me. Because I bought my phone from Amazon I would have insuffcient proof of purchase (specifically no IMEI number on my Amazon order email). Asked Amazon for it but they could not provide. Therefore had to cancel my policy which Insurance2go cancelled with no problem and said they would give me a full refund.
  • "Use the code MSE5 to get £5 off the annual premium on the already-cheapest pick from Insurance2Go*."

    I signed up for a monthly payment plan but when I entered the above discount code it wasn't recognised. Perhaps the devil is in the wording, "on the already-cheapest pick", and that's code for the lowest priced policy? If it does MSE should make that more clear and if the discount applies to any policy taken out with Insurance2Go, as I understood it to mean, then perhaps MSE can ask I2Go why my discount wasn't honoured.
  • MSE_TonyMSE_Tony MSE Staff
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    MSE Staff

    Within the write-up, it does state:

    "To get the discount, you will need to pay the premium in full as the discount does not apply if you choose to pay the premium on a monthly basis."

    Hope this confirmation explains.
  • This firm were great on 1st claim....2nd claim were AWFUL..took MONTHS & months of emails/phone calls to get payment
  • I have joined the forum specifically because I have a problem with Insurance2go and their brokers CityMain.

    I have insured with them for several years and this week for the first time I went to make a claim. I called for some information first and everything confirmed I could claim and what would happen. I then went to the site, the only way to claim, filled in the claim form and pressed submit.

    Two things then happened; a) I was sent an email asking for proof of purchase from June 2015 when I got the 'phone and took out the insurance and b) they refunded my premium.

    Before I got the refund, I wrote back explaining that I don't still have the proof of purchase, it came with the new contract from Vodafone and that all the proofs were sent at the time of taking out the insurance.

    They have not responded to my email but have now sent their original email three times. I have replied on these emails with my original one and trying to engage them in a conversation about the issue. No response just the original email coming again with the request for proof.

    On the one hand they've refunded the money for the premium without any request for refund and so basically when it comes to claiming, it turns out I'm not insured but on the other hand are asking for proof when I've already submitted it as they won't insure a 'phone without this at the beginning.

    It's all feeling a bit scam like. Is anyone else having problems claiming at the moment?
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  • GT60GT60 Forumite
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    Is there any up to date thoughts on Insurance2go?
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  • As there are so many negative comments on here I thought I would add my experience. Today I purchased my 4th insurance policy, 4th over the last 4 years for different iphones. I have made 3 claims for damages and each one was simple process of sending in the proper paperwork and excess and you can choose to either send phone in for repair or go straight to apple shop and pay for replacement and citymains the broker for insure and go refund the money. I choose this option 3 times as it was the quickest. The process can take about 10 days but considering how much cheaper it is it is worth it. All done online.

    There was no problem for phones that imei had changed in swap outs from apple store. Cant comment for phones on contracts as I always purchase phones from apple store and their receipts have the imei numbers included.

    Your phone needs to be less than 6 months old on purchase of the insurance but you are able to renew the insurance each year so never lose cover. Renewal for me was the same price minus the discount code. No hard sell on cancelling. Just watch out for auto renewal email if you need to cancel.
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  • GT60GT60 Forumite
    2K posts
    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper Combo Breaker
    Thank Thank you for your reply
    Everywhere i looked there was bad reviews.
    Plus mse are promoting this company and my back account is limitex to two claims per year which ai t much ue if we need to make make three claims.
    Spending my time reading how to fix PC's,instead of looking at Facebook.
  • I went with Insurance2Go as recommended by MSE but when I needed a quick response it took them 17 days to finally send me a replacement phone.
    Firstly I was asked for proof of purchase, then I had to send them the phone so they could assess whether it was 'beyond repair' - it had gone down the loo and died in my hand! Then I waited and waited and waited for them to finally notify me that they had decided that it was beyond repair and then to actually send me a replacement.
    If I hadn't had a separate work phone I would have been completely stuffed without my phone! They may be cheap but I think the service is appalling. If you rely on your phone, don't drop it anywhere but also get an insurance company that will sort out a replacement much quicker.
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