Where to buy the correct size of clear sealable plastic bag for liquids when flying?

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boots_babeboots_babe Forumite
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As above really. I already have some sealable clear plastic bags, but suspect they are too big. Does anyone know where I can get these? Thanks.


  • GlennTheBakerGlennTheBaker Forumite
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    I have used some Zip-lock freezer bags and have encountered no problems.
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  • Rachie_BRachie_B Forumite
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    we used the tesco "small" freezer bags with the resealable top ( and white panel for writing on)

    pack of 25 for £1 something


    oh and they had them @ the airport £1 for 3 !!
  • WolfhoundWolfhound Forumite
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    I was in a panic too about where to get these, I eventually found a couple but they were bigger than the size stated but this was no problem at Glasgow airport. They had a stack of them at they airport that you could just help yourself to.
    I read that they were charging people for them at Gatwick :confused:
  • There are tons free from Stansted Airport. Around Check in area.


  • pavlovs_dogpavlovs_dog Forumite
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    partners are selling ziploc ones for £1.49 :eek: (talk about profiteering)!

    as i have several friends and rellies going on hols at the same time as us i bought a bulk supply from a seller on ebay called captainbags . cheap, fast, reliable - i'd happily buy from them again.
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  • simongregsonsimongregson Forumite
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    Wilkinsons have 10 for 49p. They were also selling them at the airport in machines £1 for 4.
  • boots_babeboots_babe Forumite
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    Thanks for all the replies. Might have guessed the airports would cash in and start selling them at top prices! I wouldn't be so bothered if it was just a European flight, but we are flying into Florida, to North Caroline, then back to the UK, so I was mainly concerned that they would be stricter at the airports over there on having the right size of bag.

    pavlovs_dog - thanks for the eBay suggestion, I will have a look at that seller. We are flying from Manchester so unsure whether they have them there - although I'm sure they will. Sounds like my best option as not got much chance to get to the shops before I go.

    Thanks everyone.
  • shirlskyshirlsky Forumite
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    Tha last time I flew from Manchester, back in late Jan07, they provided the plastic bags free of charge. However, things may have changed since.

    I flew from Liverpool in Jun07 and they had no free plastic bags. Luckily, I had the ones from Manchester aiport :)
  • CrabmanCrabman Forumite, Board Guide
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    Anyone know whether Heathrow Airport (T2) offers free clear bags?

    EDIT - Just phoned BAA, they say clear bags are available at all Heathrow's security points :D
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    When I flew out of Sanford, Florida I hadn't thought about it and had a spray moisturiser for the plane and gave it to the girl to put in the disposal bin but she went away and got me a ziplock bag on the quiet.
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