NST: May the odds be ever in your favour!

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NST: May the odds be ever in your favour!

MMM says: If you are one of the 99% of people who is forced to live with only a finite amount of money, you should probably give some thought to how that money is spent. You can buy [FONT=&quot]things, [/FONT]like cars and mobile phone plans for your kids, or you can buy [FONT=&quot]freedom[/FONT], in the form of paying off your debts, saving most of what you earn, and soon being able to choose your own work schedule or even retire early.

Motivation – what is your personal motivation for joining in with the turtles? I am grateful to a work colleague for reminding me about my personal long-term motivation: FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). What is your personal timeline for reaching your goal? If it seems too far away, break it down.

Money – know your income and outgoings. To the penny. Know when every single DD goes out, when the annual payments are required. If you cannot cope with cash in your pocket, only use a card; if, like me, you work better with cash, then use that. Note down EVERY single spend and eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Me time – look after yourself. Get enough sleep; eat well; move; do things you enjoy.

Move. Being active benefits your body and your mind. Find your level of activity and crank it up a notch. Get outside. Play!

Activation: what spurs you on to keep on the path? Does following other threads (Not Buying It; WTSHTF; Make do, Mend and Minimise; Kon Marie; Old Style) or blogs inspire you? Dedicate some time each week to expanding your reading and finding ideas that you can use.

Arm yourself – you have chosen to follow a path that many mock and despise, that of ridding yourself of debt and financial constrictions in order to be free – free to choose what to do with your money and time, not enslaved to repaying and to other people. Whether you opt to work more or to spend less to achieve your goal, stand firm against the naysayers. Stand firm in your personal quest against consumerism and the popularity of always acquiring more.

You. Are you happy in yourself? Know what brings you joy, what cheers your heart, what makes you pause and wonder. Don’t just stop and smell the coffee in the morning – practise stopping and looking around throughout the day. Appreciate what you have.

Who will join me on a quest to fight consumerism and the Ferenghi prerogative of ever acquiring more and more? Sign up below for a month of debt-fighting, money saving and general turtle fun.

Edit: I forgot to post the rules:

The Rules:

We start on May 1st and continue to the very end of the 31st.

20 NSD – you have 11 days to spend, so use them wisely. Petrol, medications and emergency travel needs are exempt. As are reduced items if that is all you buy.

Foodbank donation of £5.

Pay to your debt/savings FIRST and live off the rest.

Plan the month – every single day: what you are doing, what you are eating, especially with the Bank Holidays and Half term, birthdays, anniversaries.

Check in every day. Short posts, long posts, ups and downs. Turtles are gregarious and friendly, they look after each other and encourage each other out of their shells.

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    Future thread organisers:

    June - shyspender
    July - Lilt
    August - Bobarella
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  • Bobarella
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    Hi Apple
    Thank you for stepping forward to do May. I am still fine doing August unless people are needed to move along a month in which case I am fine with that too. Loving the direction of the new challenge I shall give it some thought today and post more fully later.
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

    Debt neutral :) 27/03/17 from £40k:eek: in the hole 2012.
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  • Caeraugirl
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    Will read later as running late this morning already! Sure it's gonna be good AM, please count me in! x
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    April NSD Challenge 10/20
  • liltdiddylilt
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    ME ME ME!!! xxx
    Virtual Pot #25 £0.00/£350.00
    A black belt only covers 2 inches of your a$$ - You have to cover the rest yourself - Royce Gracie
  • nannygladys
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    I have now retired but still working so I can help my daughter out with her life (I don't want to go into it on here sorry), but I do want to stop work this year before Christmas. So I could do with some boundaries to help me along, so count me in please.
    2024 is going to be a positive year for me, and it's starting now!! 
    Buys: All budgeted and paid by cash!
    Jan - fridge/freezer
    Feb - milk frother, curtain pole x2, roller blind - bathroom, toilet seat, bath sink taps, kitchen sink waste unit and an extra double electric socket.
    March - raised bed for garden, bathroom cabinet, roller blind - kitchen

  • Me please :) just a quick response as I'm at work; will take some time to think about the answers to those questions at a later date.
    Hope everyone's doing well :D
    Bought my first house in 2014 - now, to be mortgage free! :D

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    Emergency fund £1000/1000
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  • shyspender
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    Count me in please Apple

    Also happy to do June seeing as me doing March didn't work out.
    Feb NST #4
    Food £16.55/£200, Fuel £0/£250, Ents £17.47/£180, General £4/£100, SFD 8/15, LTW 11/16
    Debt Free Date Friday 29th March 2014 :j
  • Hi please can you add me? I will try to be better this month.
    "There is Life AFTER DEBT."LBM 2009 Total Debt £49046.24 Debt Free as of 27/08/2015
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    Making up the numbers. Count me in applemuncher.

    Motivation is to be debt free and have an extra 250-300 pounds in my pocket each month. My bosses plan to retire in 6-7years time so I have to think about overpaying my mortgage 37K once my debt is gone. I just worry that it will be difficult for old grannie to find a job then, I do look now but like my hours (work well for school collection) and no travelling costs involved. Would love a day when the money worry cloud is lifted from my head. I have no pension in place, so will probably end up downsizing my property.

    Moaning aside I do like my job, think I have the perfect balance of work and home life 30hrs a week. Enjoy seeing my grandsons smiley face when I collect him, it is not all about money more precious things in life.

    Off to work out budgets x
    LBM 13039 1.1.13 Now £0 Finally Debt FreeMortgage free Oct 2019:)EFund/savings £25000 10/11/22
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