Payment A Day Chapter 16

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  • sashanutsashanut Forumite
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    Hi all :j
    Popping in to PAD £100 to cc plz Flump - tkyou!!:j:j:j:j
    New start JAN15 - NOT BUYING IT 2015 :eek:. Long haul DFW #145 : 2011 DEBTBUSTING : £5500 OD GONE, £2000 OD - GONE £93,610.30 cc & loan debt - GONE 27.6.14 FINALLY DEBT & MORTGAGE FREE :happyhear
  • flumpkinflumpkin Forumite
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    Total for 28th April is an ace ...


    PAD away peeps - let's hit 6k before the start of the merry month of May
  • flumpkinflumpkin Forumite
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    OOh get me, a dirty stop up...even later than Sashanut tonight I'm normally much more of an angel than that :A

    Will pop £3 in to the TSB

    Nighty noodle all xx
  • Good morning fellow PADders :hello:

    My PAD today is £400 to savings account please Flump :T

    Still can't use ISA so will transfer in from savings later :)

    Have a super day everyone :)

    TTFTM x
    LBM 10/1/12 ~ DFW Start 6/2/12: £82,344 ~ Now Zero
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    Proud to have dealt with our debt :)
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    Remind me to pray about your savings account @TTFTM. Have prayed for those who are low regarding their debt but forgot to pray about the pressing business of your savings account :(

    So sorry

    Well my only news is that I slept - time for the llama banana_smiley_16.gif

    Have we got a counter upper for May? I would do it but interwebby problems again :(

    I believe in the power of PAD
    Come and join us on the Payment a Day thread
  • milky1991milky1991 Forumite
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    Morning all

    A pad of £1.12 for the last one of April for me please flump :)

    I would volunteer to add up but going away in May for a well earned 10 day holiday ( a break from debt busting for me and all paid for in cash ) _party_:dance:_party_:dance:_party_:dance:_party__party_
    As of 24th August 2016 total money owed was
    £15,708 :eek:
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    TrixxibellTrixxibell Forumite
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    Hi all, can I join please I was part of one of the PAD groups but didn't keep it up.

    I have been padding all week and recording it in my diary but think I will keep my motivation going if I'm in a group.

    My PADs total for today is £186.83.

    Looking forward to daily updates again xxx
    3rd LBM July 2014: Debt [STRIKE]£31,416.68[/STRIKE] Down To: [STRIKE] £23,403.43[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]15th July: £25,709.83[/STRIKE] 26th March: £31,229.68
    CC £0 :j WFTC £1660, SLC £6600, Car £18,654, Emergency Fund £1,000 :T
  • flumpkinflumpkin Forumite
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    Gah - posted big post and my session crashed!

    Just want to say Hello and Welcome to Trixxibell hello-wave-smiley-emoticon.gif

    Some fantastic padding today - quite excited to go home and update my spreadsheet :rotfl:

    Glad to see my first go as counter-upper has gone ok. Thanks for the lovely comments. Unfortunately I really can't do it in May due to other commitments with work, a few days away and lots of band jobs.

    Sure we can't tempt you Erme? I LOVE your motivation and delicious rewards :) Glad to here you finally got some ZZZZZs

    Have a super holiday Milky. Where are you off to? Bet it feels fantastic to pay cash :j

    I have loved counting up - obviously lots of you are old hats at doing it, but for anyone new like me - go on - you know you want to!

    love flump xx

    (snealing on from work) ;)
  • £40 for me today please. It's actually a normal monthly payment for me but it is still a PAD so I am counting on it being eligible, and the beauty of this one is that since the reshuffle it is the first of a sequence of interest free payments so every penny of it counts (for a change!) :j

    I would volunteer for May but I have holidays due and cannot guarantee where I will be so there could be huge chunks missing, so I will have to give it a miss, sorry.

    Can't wait to see April's grand total though. Happy Days. :)
    “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well.”

  • flumpkinflumpkin Forumite
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    Total for 29th April is a jolly good...


    As a penultimate PAD post before the final total for April tomorrow ... all I can say is...

    Padarella Rockafella! banana-with-guitar-smiley-emoticon.gif
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