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Hi, we are one of five houses fed by a shared water supply pipe and it has a leak which falls under the responsibility of all properties.

The question is who arranges for the repair and how do they go about making sure each house pays their fare share of the costs?

One house is rented and the landlord has said they aren't going to pay towards the repair.


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    The water company will fix the leak.

    Then sue the landlord in the Small Claims court.
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    Two options, either someone takes the lead and arranges the repair and gets the money from each house owner or the water board sort it and bill each property owner.

    We had similar - 4 houses, one privately owned, one a private landlord and 2 owned by a housing association. The HA proved very difficult and it ended with the water board serving notice on all property owners, still nothing happened. The water board then arranged the repair and billed each house owner.

    There are rules on apportioning the bill. Whoever is served by the point on the pipe where the leak is, is liable to pay their share. The cost is divided equally between those who are liable.

    The landlord can say what they like, legally they are liable so will end up paying; that is often why it is easier to let the Water Board sort it. They will bill the landlord and you won't be involved. (If the landlord still refuses to pay the water board will take them to court and has the power to put a charge on the property).
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    Ask the water authority if they will fix it for free under the 'one free leak repair' scheme that many of them offer. Otherwise, do as Cardew suggests-the LL is clearly legally responsible for a leak on his own property.
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