Cloth nappies advice please!!



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    Ohhh one thing I did learn is with boys you need extra absorbency at the front so with pocket nappies I would fold a second insert and put nearer the front of the nappy x
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    +1 for talk to council about cash support for not going down the disposable route.

    +1 for getting a mixed bag of different "cuts" & sizes with a robust returns policy.

    +1 for getting a chunk of fleece & cutting your own liners. Saves hairraising sums, easy to wash & dry & then there's all the fun of all the different fleece fabric patterns. (Seriously, nappy changing became a fascinating game when you had no idea what you'd find - John Deere, Muppets, CAT, Peppa pig - whatever the market had cheap...)

    Also a popular gift for the same "I wonder?" lottery reason!

    If you can find tweed skirt lengths, they make *superb* outer layers & give the wearer spectacular bragging rights (along the lines of "so British, raised in Tweed nappies") so photos add fun. In decades to come, the Best Man (& others!) will thank you...

    Oh & do check that any childcare you might contemplate can "cope with cloth". It may take you an extra 10 minutes to teach a babysitter what to do with a Real Nappy (whereas they're competent with pampers & little 'un tolerates their presence.)

    Finally if your nerve fails, do not berate yourself. OH & baby can walk into any supermarket or service station & be sure of getting fawned on, crooned over & assisted with freebie disposables. (Should his self esteem be flagging, send him shopping con baby. He'll stride back in!)

    My tombstone will read "it worked for us" - and with babies, that's 98% of all that matters. Principles distort under several pounds of screaming newborn, and this is Not a Bad Thing.

    All the very best!
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    Many 'birth to potty' sets don't actually fit a newborn. I found they started to fit my girl at about 4 months but the fit still wasn't brilliant. I found sized nappies gave a much better fit even though it meant I would need to sell them and buy the next size up when she outgrew them. So I used disposables until four months as I had a lot of other things going on but some others get a newborn set.

    Also I didn't get on with Tots Bots pockets but loved Charlie Bananas, Little Lamb pockets and Fuzzi Bunz. Bumgenius freetimes where good too once my girl was a little bigger (she had very slim thighs). So I'd highly recommend renting a variety from a nappy library or buying a variety of second-hand ones cheap from a Facebook group so that you can see what works for you.
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    I would suggest filling in the nappy lady's questionnaire as then she can make suggestions on your personal circumstances. I know friends who have bought various cheaper nappies and never been happy and have probably spent more than me in the end.

    I have used a tots bots two part bamboozle with motherease wrap and I think they are great. I too don't get on with the tots bots easy fit as they just leak, I am yet to find anyone who rates them but their two parters are excellent.

    Don't forget the reusable wipes too, brilliant :)
  • Lara44
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    I've got a stash of Bumgenius v4 and Motherease one size. I do like the BG's but like all birth to potty nappies as kids grow there are times where they fit less well. Motherease were great for night use until my LO became a champion wetter. I haven't managed to find a combination of booster and stay dry layer that doesn't bring him out in nappy rash, so at the moment we use disposables overnight and the ME are gathering dust!

    If I could do it all again I would go onto cloth nappy tree and buy a selection of preloved nappies of all different designs. I love the convenience of all in one, or pocket nappies (rather than the two-part Motherease system) because they are quick and convenient so I'd stick to those. Plus they easy for others to use too. I definitely wouldn't buy a single set from one brand again. After using a nappy for a while you get a real sense of what works for you. Then you can invest money in new nappies. I paid around £10 each for my BGs by buying packaged unused nappies from ebay and gumtree, and using my council voucher.

    I love using cloth and was surprised my LO fitted into them from 3-4 weeks old. It was very good to use disposables while I recovered from labour! Good luck with your pregnancy :)
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    Thanks again for posting your experiences!
    Yesterday we ordered a mixed bundle of nappies from TJs nappies. We got 10 different nappies (PUL, Minky, velcro and charcoal), a load of different inserts and a wet/dry bag for just over £50. We thought it would be worth a punt at that price. We can see how we get on with them and then think of getting more.

    We do have some disposables to start with, as like others have said, they probably won't fit from birth. Plus with him being our first, I think it would be nice to keep things as simple as possible to start with
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    If I'm not too late...
    We have a cloth nappy group at our local sure start. The lady there is fab. You can hire sets to try for silly money - £10 a month to see how you get on.
    Try the NCT - they should be able to put you in touch with someone.
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    If you search on facebook for UK Cloth Nappy Libraries you will be able to find your local nappy library, who can give you advice and show you all the different types of nappies and accessories, and you can loan a kit if you want to.

    Go Real. also has advice and a nappy finder feature, with libraries etc.

    April 20-26th is Real Nappy Week, so there are lots of extra events happening, and discounts from lots of retailers.
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    I used cloth nappies with my first, I used to get them from a company called baba and boo I think it was.
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    I've been stocking up on bambino miosolo when they're on offer (joined fb page) after lots of research and recommendations. Going to make own fleece liners from a £1 ikea blanket and have different coloured ikea flannels + water instead of baby wipes. Ordered washable breast pads for me too.
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