Rancom Security Ltd - Successors to SAS FIRE & SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD?

Started to get calls from these people, usual disdain about the Telephone preference scheme and a surprisingly similar script to that as used by the now defunct SAS FIRE & SECURITY SYSTEMS LTD.

This is their address:-
Rancom Security Ltd
Rancom House
4 Emmanuel Court,
Reddicroft, Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B73 6AZ

Telephone: 0333 405 2333
I am a cow so cannot speak Bullshine but I do recognise its smell when I come upon it.


  • Has anyone had dealings with Rancom recently?

    My elderly mother is unsure whether she is being scammed by them.

    They are asking for a large amount of money to 'update their equipment' just weeks after she took out a 5-year renewal for the contract with them.
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    Rancom Security is the new name for Direct Response Security Systems Ltd. They renamed themselves last February I think. She is not the only one to be asked for a large amount of money for 'updating' her system after paying for the initial contract. My advice is politely and firmly say NO.
  • Just found out my elderly mother has paid £1100 for a basic monitored alarm system plus £3000 for 5 years monitoring and maintenance. Unfortunately she booked an appointment after a 'cold call' and believed this to be a really good deal. Have tried contacting the appropriate authorities to investigate this seemingly unethical practice.
    Looking on line similar systems are 1/3 of the price.
    What can you do if elderly parent thinks the salesman 'was lovely', 'they installed it the next day after the appointment' and they genuinely believe that this is a fabulous deal?
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    They installed it the next day to prevent her having second thoughts and cancelling
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    There are new laws in place to protect the elderly from this stuff but I'm not sure I can find a link
    Edit this may help but not sure as I haven't thoroughly browsed it

  • I have just found out that my elderly mother has had the company come round her house for 2 hours and she handed them over £3000+. They installed the alarm system last Saturday and told me about it this evening (Monday). Is it too late for me to get her to cancel?
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    How old is she?
  • My mother is 79 years old. I am with her now going through the contract. I have updated my mother regarding the history of the company. I will see what the contract says before I do anything more.
  • I have read out to my mother all the comments about this company. It appears that there were no outrageous claims but I know that the calling of the police was put as a selling point and my mother thought that it would be done automatically and that the police would arrive as quick as a 999 call. I have put her straight and told her that in an emergency she should call 999 anyway. Having inspected the alarm system I am satisfied that it is a proper system. I read the contract and the money spent and having compared the product with like systems and service she is paying well over the top. I have told her about her rights to cancel and warned her regarding a follow up call wanting more cash. I have to respect her independence. My only question now is what exactly is the police bill of £104 that she will get from the police and have to pay?
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    Carol, the £104 will be for the police URN admin fee, see page 6 here http://www.securedbydesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Security_Systems_Policy_2015.pdf

    It used to be that an alarm system only needed one URN but now, if you want both intruder AND personal attack(that's the HUA they talk about) you need to pay for two. Rancom are registered with the SSAIB inspectorate:


    If you think your mum has been unduly pressurised by the company it may be worth giving the SSAIB a ring. My OH is registered with them and they'd take a dim view of any registered company acting in an unprofessional manner.
    I can't find an exact answer to the cooling off period but there's some info here on the Citizen's Advice website.

    Also, £3000 is a lot to pay for 5 years worth of monitoring. My OH charges £18 a month (inc VAT). I suppose it depends what part of the country you're in though.
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