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  • bethl79bethl79 Forumite
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    I have three children, my first was a normal vaginal delivery (though a very long labour), second an emergency section after a long failed labour and my third a planned section a year later. I can honestly say I recovered far more quickly after the planned section than either of the other births. I was allowed home less than 24 hours after the delivery and was fully mobile within a couple of days of being home. It was a completely different experience to the emcs which was horrendously painful. I think its due to being less tired from not having to go through hours (or days in my case!) of labour, you are better able to cope with the pain and feel more well in yourself.
    Sorry not very helpful in terms of advice but hope that helps a little. Best of luck!
  • Hi! hoping i catch you before the section :) i had a planned cs and found two things invaluable - knickers that are much bigger than your normal size ie im a size 12 and bought size 18 (i got mine from adsa) so they go right over your scar and dont sit on it. The other thing is have some deflatine in.... i got really bad trapped wind esp under my shoulder blades and this really helped. oh and bio oil is great for the scar healing. best of luck :)
  • MrsSippiMrsSippi Forumite
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    Thanks for all the positive replies. Well had elective section a week later than planned at 35 weeks. What a difference to emergency section I had last time.! Everything was so much better than last time, the op itself was a lot more relaxed (was chatting with the docs while they were getting baby out), feel great afterwards and went home less thab 48 hrs later. The docs also said that my scar from last time was a bit of a mess (poss cos it was an emergency section? ) and they sorted that out too. I was able to go for a walk the day after getting home which was impossible last time too. Baby also did brilliantly, albeit a bit small, and didn't need to go to special care so feeling very happy about everything. She's now 3 weeks old and although she's lost a lot of weigtshe is improving steadily.
  • katchamberskatchambers Forumite
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    That is great news! :j
    Glad it all went better this time round. I will likely have a planned c-section next time (for various reasons), so it is good to know that it might be better than my emergency section.
    Kat x
    My darling boy born December 2011

  • rachel6188rachel6188 Forumite
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    I found my 2nd section better than the 1st emergency one. My lb was born at 34+5, he was great feeding for the 1st 6 days then struggled and had to have a feeding tube. The baby will need knitted hats and cardigans due to being unable to regulate their body temperature. If you have any questions I can help with I'm happy to help xx he's 19 weeks old today. Have they done a weight estimate? The best places I found for prem baby clothes is asda and tesco and they do neutral clothes x
  • Dont get on your feet too quickly or your inside will fall out
    One man's folly is another man's wife. Helen Roland (1876 - 1950)
  • For what it's worth. My OH was advised to have a C section by her consultant for our second after a traumatic first birth.
    She didn't want to and the second was a breeze. (her words not mine)
    On run up to third (Different Hospital) she raised the fact she was told to have C Section with second.. New consultant could find NO record of this... wrote to previous consultant who had no memory or record of this...... Rather Convenient...
    Third again was a straight forward birth..
    I'm not saying C-sections don't have their place but I personally think they are recommended all to quickly as they can be scheduled by hospitals like some sort of procedure on a production schedule rather than a natural occurrence ...... just my personal view

    Personal, and presumably non-medical. You really have no business making proclamations like that: it's not for you to make comment on the medical situations of many hundreds of thousands of women, which is what you're doing when you claim their sections were recommended too quickly.
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