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MSE News: 'Just got my Amazon Prime £79 back': Find out if you can do the same

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  • custardycustardy Forumite
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    samwardill wrote: »
    It's not free. You pay £79 / year for free 1 day delivery. You agree to forego the 1 day delivery in return for the promise of a digital video credit of £1 - 3. The issue is that the digital video credit of £1 - 3 is often lost because Amazon make it virtually impossible to keep track of its expiry.

    It is free. You pay £79 a year whether you order anything or not.
    Amazons T&Cs show no cash alternative.
    You feel you have a case. I disagree.

    Edit: are there digital items available for £1-£3?
  • samwardillsamwardill Forumite
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    custardy wrote: »
    It is free. You pay £79 a year whether you order anything or not.
    Amazons T&Cs show no cash alternative.
    You feel you have a case. I disagree.

    You are paying for the order so it is not free.

    You are agreeing to sacrifice something that has a value (i.e. 1 day delivery that would typically cost £8 for a non-Prime customer) in return for a promise of a discount voucher (of £1 - 3).

    You feel I don't have a case. I disagree.
  • I am grateful to have today learnt how to cancel my Prime membership. I have followed your instructions having not used the Prime Services since the trial ended and look forward to my refund of £79. When I do, or if I don't, I will update on the outcome in due time.
  • mcculloch29mcculloch29 Forumite
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    Just a quick mention that you can now buy a monthly subscription to Prime. It's also worth noting that if you have a year's worth of Prime and your deliveries do not arrive on time, you may be offered a month's extra Prime subscription added on to your account - but you have to complain and raise Amazon's 'awareness' of this.
    My June 2016 subscription now expires in August 2016; the first delayed delivery came within the first ten days of my getting Prime.
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  • I was about to cancel my free trial just now, but when I click on my status it says i'm not a member?? I havnt cancelled it yet, very strange. Perhaps they just give you a trial for one order now? I only ordered one item with next day shipping after all.
  • hostertladyhostertlady Forumite
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    how long does it take for the refund to appear?
  • My Amazon UK account has been linked automatically to the [Spain] site.
    The last item I bought from Amazon [from the UK site ] was on 1Jan 2017 and I paid £5.50 + VAT to have it posted to Spain as it was not possible to buy it on WITHOUT a "prime free trial".
    Checking my UK Bank account I find charged my Debit Card Euro 19.95 on 1February.[First of a monthly fee] Logging into my account it showed that I was NOT a Prime member,
    Luckily I had not used Amazon since 1 Jan so I have claimed a refund and cancelled Prime.
    Is this "trick" illegal?
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    CherryfudgeCherryfudge Forumite
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    edited 30 April 2017 at 11:43PM
    Sorry to post on an old thread but I came across the MSE article on unexpected charges for Amazon Prime, while looking to cancel my Prime membership. Alarmed at the possibility of losing £79 when I thought I'd signed up for £7.99 a month, I've searched the relevant bank statements but all I can find is the £7.99 monthly payments.

    I've probably used it once or twice since November, so I want to cancel but last time I tried to do this, for some reason absolutely nothing happened. Wish I knew exactly what I did so I could put some sort of argument for reclaiming.

    So... I've not been charged the £79 (good), but why not? Is the MSE article still relevant?

    I suppose it's academic for me as I think I've succeeded in cancelling this time but I wonder whether people are still being charged this £79 at all?
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    Fiona_McGeeFiona_McGee Forumite
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    My Mum and I have both been charged £7.99 out of our bank accounts for Amazon Prime which I cancelled in 2016.

    This has happened a few times.

    It says on both of my Amazon accounts ( and that I'm not a member so I don't understand.

    There is no way on website of contacting them.

    I have a kindle and kindle Apps on my Iphone and IPad which I have hardly used but I'm not aware that you have to have Amazon Prime to use them.

    Please can you help ?
  • I agree. It shouldn't be Amazon's problem, in my opinion, as I certainly had no problems in understanding the Prime trial. I believe I also got an email to confirm me signing up to Prime, so even if a user had done it 'accidentally', then you are soon informed that you've signed up for Prime. Whingers / !!!!!!!!!!s.
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