Natwest has taken my debits out 2 days early

I get paid on the night of the 28th of each month by standing order and have set up all of my debits & standing orders to go out on the first working day of every month. Natwest has decided to take them overnight last night (27th February), leaving me £950 overdrawn, although I do t have an overdraft facility. Apparently that's normal and I simply have to make it through today without any money, or food for myself & the kids, plus will be charged for an unauthorised overdraft. Am I being unreasonable to think that's simply not on? I'm seriously considering moving banks, although they've been great until now & my local bank is very convenient for me. Do other banks do this too so I'll be moving to find myself in the same situation?


  • dancingfairy
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    I assume that that the payments are pending, ready to go out on Monday as it's a weekend?
    Presumably this is a problem as it's february so the time between 28th when you get paid and the first is non-existent and the fact it's a weekend.
    Maybe you could move the direct debits a few days later although I guess it's only February where you will get this problem?
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    I think you could wait and see what happens over the weekend. Your pay may well go into the account and cancel out the debit balance, leaving you with no chargeable overdraft at all, before the start of the next banking day.
  • sidefx
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    Move banks then! But I think you'll find they'll all do the same.

    It's only because it's February and there are only 28 days in the month.

    I doubt you'll be charged anyway as your pay will go in on Monday at the same time your DD and SO are taken out.

    I'm sure you still could have withdrawn some money or used your debit card, did you try?
  • frugalmacdugal
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    it may be with this being a 28 day month things have gone a bit awry.

    Could be that the debits are showing online, but not actually paid yet.

    I don't believe that you have absolutely no money or food.
    Y'all take care now.
  • Thrugelmir
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    Today and tomorrow aren't working days.
  • caroline233
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    I have £3.70 in my purse and no petrol in the car & haven't enough left in the cupboards to feed the four of us as I've been hanging on for payday. The bank just told me that the money has actually gone out overnight last night. The reason I found out it had gone was because I tried to get cash out to buy something for our lunch, and to put petrol in the car as the petrol light's been on for a couple of days. It is only because it's February but it am rather indignant that the bank is willing/able to put me completely on stop in this way. I have worked damn hard to get my credit rating rehabilitated & to keep a roof over my head but nonetheless there is no wiggle room at the end of the month so when I expect finally to be able to go shopping and put fuel in the car it's a blow to find this has been done.
  • pinkdalek
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    sidefx wrote: »
    Move banks then! But I think you'll find they'll all do the same.

    They don't. I bank with both Nat West & Halifax. Whilst Nat West do this system as OP is stating (which is a beneift when my payday is Mondays as it shows available on Saturday), Halifax do not as I have a couple of direct debits with them also.

    It's never an issue for me as it is just solely for bills and the money in there is already allocated and not needed.

    OP - maybe have two accounts one for your spending and one for bills/direct debits?
  • EarthBoy
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    sidefx wrote: »
    Move banks then! But I think you'll find they'll all do the same.

    Nationwide doesn't do it that way. Payments due in or out on a Monday won't show until the Monday.
  • pleasedelete
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    Its a natwest thing- they have a note about it on their website- they recognise it isnt right and are changing it. Contact them if you have issues as a result.

    it works the other way- you can get money due in on monday on saturday as well.
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    I'm a former customer of NatWest and they used to do this to me, too.

    I'm now with Lloyds Bank and they've not yet done so.
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