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February 2015 'Take your Lunch to Work' Challenge.

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February 2015 'Take your Lunch to Work' Challenge.

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It's back, by popular demand- Thanks to those who PM'd me asking me to revive this challenge- your wish is my command ;)

Save your £'s by taking your Lunch To Work (LTW)!

A new thread for February 2015!! Although the title is 'Take Your Lunch to WORK', ANYONE can join in :) You can be a stay-at-home-parent, unemployed, work part time or work full time.
The point is, buying lunch (or breakfast, or both if you were silly like me!!) from the works canteen/the newsagents/the coffee shop etc, is EXPENSIVE!

Save that money to put towards your debt/to save/for a holiday (or whatever you want).

Declare at the start of the month how many days you are aiming for. I will NOT be updating you all (I don't have time), so its up to you to keep track of yourself. I'll add you to the challenge list, along with how many days you are aiming for.

Don't forget if you have a yummy lunch/breakfast idea then tell us all about it!

Here's the lovely lunch ideas - enjoy!

Recipe ideas for sandwich fillings and lunches

*Cold foods*
Sandwich combos:
Tuna mayo/salad cream
Tuna and sweetcorn
Tuna and onion
Tuna and cucumber
Egg Salad (hardboiled eggs, S&P, mayo. Mash together and voila!)
Cheese & carmelised onion chutney
Cheese and chilli jam
Grated cheese, mushed up egg, diced onion and mixed in with mayo
Peanut butter & marmite
Greek salad:
Russian salad sandwich:
Cheese & pickle/piccalilli/tomato
Corned beef & lettuce
Ham & apple sauce
Coronation chicken (shredded cooked chicken, mayo, curry powder. Mix together)
Fried egg baguette
Sausage & mustard / ketchup / mayo / pickle / onion relish
Brie & grape
Ham and coleslaw
Onion Baji & coleslaw wrap
Chicken & bacon
Peanut butter, cream cheese & banana
Turkey/chicken & stuffing
Crisp butti
Chicken with pesto and mayo
Brie, crushed walnuts, feta &rocket wrap
Chorizo & goats cheese
Vegetarian (red lentil) pate
Sliced turkey, mayo, pineapple and tinned sweetcorn
Falafel and salad sandwich
Chickpea burger (thanks to Shortie for this one!)

B17c's rice dish

Soworried's Gammon and Mushroom Quiche-

Adding the following to salads:
-Hard boiled egg in salad
-Carrot salad:
-Cold duck and spinnach, raddish, pepper & carrot
-Cheese, ham & whatever salad is in the fridge
-Chicken and cold bacon bits
-Spice sensation cous cous with raisins, pumpkin seeds. little cubes of cheese (feta or cheddar) cheery toms halved,cuc, spring onions and a couple of dried apricots chopped up.
-Salad in a jar:
-Rice cakes & hummus
-Crackers / carrot sticks / pitta bread & taramaslata (or dip of choice)
-Crustless quiche (good for GF diets):
-Spanish potato fritata
-Cous cous

*Warm foods*

-Frugal Queens lunchsize Sausage rolls (can be eaten hot-2mins in microwave-or cold):
-Pizza Wheels (Can be eaten hot-2mins in microwave-or cold):
-Calzones (fill with whatever you want, yummy hot or cold)
Soups (with some bread?):
-Jamie Oliver's carrot soup:
-Mushroom risotto soup:
-Pasta (also can be eaten cold as pasta salad)
-Macaroni cheese
-Leftovers... pasta bakes, curry, spag bol, chilli..
-Falafel Onion bhajis, Samosas as side dishes to left overs (or lovely on their own.
-Jacket potatoes with various fillings (cheese, beans, leftovers)

Crisps (multibags can be better value)
Hot choc
Sausage rolls
Juice cartons
Cereal bars
Fruit salads (mix with a spoon or two of juice from tinned fruit to keep it from turning brown)
Mince Pies (not just for Christmas you know!)
Twinks hobnobs

*Emergency stocks for a drawer*
-Cereal bars
-Porridge oats ( just add boiling water and stir for 5 mins)
-Tinned macaroni cheese
-Mug Shot pasta packs

*Other suggestions*
-Thermos flask of tea or coffee
-Either a flask or food flask for soups.
-Freeze sandwiches for the week or buy/make pasties, sausage rolls, and take them out in the morning.
-Wraps, bagels, baguettes, fruit bread and pitta bread can all be used instead of sliced bread.

-Make your own instant porridge on the go
-Buy a pack of 5 cereal bars and leave them in the car glove box. Eat one a day on the way to work :)
-AGIRLCALLEDJACK's replica of Starbucks Berry Bircher:

Good luck!


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