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Official Trying to Conceive - Thread 12

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  • kezakeza Forumite
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    Done another test this morning and its a BFP! :D :beer: terrified after experience with ds1 but over the moon! Lots of cramps this morning so hope thats normal :) baby dust to all!! Xx
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  • Congratulations keza! :j
  • lulu_92lulu_92 Forumite
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    Rampant Recycler I've been Money Tipped!
    CD1 for me :(
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    Marmite27Marmite27 Forumite
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    edited 4 January 2015 at 1:04PM
    Phew panic over, found the new thread.

    Currently at CD3, so gearing up for cycle 5. I've ordered a BB thermometer, and hoping this is the lucky cycle.

    More babies and pregnancies over Christmas, which is really starting to get me down.

    FX foe everyone x
  • Phew... I just read four pages catching up on the last thread only to realise we've got a shiny new one here. I didn't think I'd been MIA for that long! Anyway Happy New Year everyone. And congrats to keza!

    We missed ov day in Dec due to OH working away during the week so I felt confident to have some drinks over the holidays.

    Not too sure what my status is... AF (according to two apps) was due Friday but I'm now onto the third day of spotting. Whereas usually I have half a day of spotting then AF starts in full. Not too sure whether to count as CD1 yet. Any advice?

    This month I'll be using OPKs for the first time so knowing what CD I'm on would be kinda helpful!Any advice for OPK also welcome, I've read and re-read the instructions that came with the kit so know what to do but anything they don't tell you?!
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  • bluenelehblueneleh Forumite
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    Hello and welcome to the newbies :)

    Congratulations Keza and sorry to hear about AF Lulu - pants :(

    Mortgage: I think it's the first day of a flow you count as CD1 so I wouldn't say AF has started yet.
  • kellykinskellykins Forumite
    912 posts
    Winner of December BFP - (4) kellykins, lulu 92, snapping_crocodile

    January BFP!

    keza- BFP 4/1/15 :j:j

    January BFP predictions
    lulu 92: 4
    Kellykins: 5

    Thread Graduates
    dingdongavoncalling- 7/11/14
    Claire_A87- 13/11/14
    White-as-Snow- 13/11/14
    pm04gn- 5/12/14
    slowlyfading - 6/12/14
    a fresh start -12/12/14
    musogirl295- 28/12/14
  • kellykinskellykins Forumite
    912 posts
    Two Week Wait (BFP Hopefuls)
    CD22 Skaps* - 2DPO :cool:

    "If in doubt - BD" Zone
    CD88 VickyV- Awaiting ov :o
    CD87 Mogwai - Awaiting ov :o
    CD63 Bobley - Awaiting ov :o
    CD63 ttc39 - Awaiting ov :o
    CD53 Cath_Ster - Awaiting ov :o
    CD38 WizzyPop- Awaiting ov :o
    CD33 Mrshaworth2b-Awaiting ov :o
    CD31 Mortgage Reduction Novice-Awaiting ov:o
    CD25 Kellykins -Awaiting ov :o
    CD14 JoBatch80- Awaiting ov :o
    CD13cherrylips30- Awaiting ov :o
    CD13 Crystal85- Awaiting ov :o
    CD11 tatabubbly- Awaiting ov :o
    CD10 blueneleh- Awaiting ov :o
    CD7 saver-j- Awaiting ov :o
    CD7 ellesbellesxxx- Awaiting ov :o

    "Wine and Chocolate" zone
    CD5 dottymrsp- Awaiting ov :o
    CD4 rinroo-Awaiting ov :o
    CD3 Marmite27 - Awaiting ov :o
    CD2 Hollydog- Awaiting ov :o
    CD1 lulu 92- Awaiting ov :o

    Those we haven't heard from in a while
    air cooled75

    Those with * sometimes uses conceive plus/preseed.
    The names in blue has a link to their Fertility Friend chart.
    When posting updates, can you please do them in Magenta so it's easy to spot. This thread is all about support, so remember to click thanks on as many posts as you can! It makes us all feel loved.

    For those posting on smartphones or tablets the code for magenta is
    ([ )COLOR="magenta"( ] )your text ( [ )/COLOR ( ] ) (lose the round bracket)
  • tatabubblytatabubbly Forumite
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    Seventh Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Hi Kellykins, can you take me off the list? I'll be lurking but I'm not going to tracking! Cheers! :)

    Baby dust to all!
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  • A nice shiny new thread, thanks Lulu :D Please could my age be updated in the front page to 32 as well please ty :cool:

    Thanks for doing the lists Kellykins. Please could I guess 5 BFPs for January, surely we should get more this month?! Please could I also be updated to CD5? Thank you.

    Massive congratulations Keza and welcome to the newbies :)

    So it's been a bit of a rubbish start to the New Year for me, as not only did I have to contend with my first AF post miscarriage, when I hoped beyond all hope that we had DTD enough, but yesterday we very unexpectedly had to have one of our cats put to sleep :( My other cat is not very well either, and combined with my recent miscarriage I just feel someone out there has got it in for me :cool:
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