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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries in January 2015

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No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries in January 2015

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dolly84dolly84 Forumite
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And here we go again for another month! As usual this initial post has been shamelessly copied from the many previous months. A big thank you to Babafette for starting us off last month.

Welcome all newbies and regulars to this very friendly and chatty thread where we give lots of lovely tips on how to use up your stash and lots of support and encouragement if you need them.

Keep up the pampering and keep down the spending: let’s make the naughty step an empty and lonely place this month (rather than one so long that it can be seen from space)! Will this be the month when the "usual suspects" rein it in a bit? Let's see..... (but I doubt it!)

Remember - those products do nothing for you while they are stashed in drawers, boxes and cupboards!

We are eternally grateful to Katie Clampet who set up this fab challenge in January 2010. Here's her original challenge post:

"No buying any new toiletries, cosmetics, perfume etc... until I have used up ALL the ones I already have. I got a huge amount of (really nice) stuff for Christmas but I am going to resist the urge to browse Boots, Asda, Superdrug etc, and pop another tub of cream, face scrub, shampoo or conditioner into my basket. I reckon the stuff I have will last me until possibly June. I have decided that the money I save I will put into my special holiday account. Anyone else?"

Lots of us have taken part in the challenge over the past few months (and years!!) and are making great progress in reducing our stashes and unnecessary/excessive spending.

Regulars ignore this, but a quick resume is always helpful for newbies:

Why not add the challenge to your signature as a reminder?

We have a "Swaps Group" on Facebook when you can swap good condition items with other like-minded addicts. PM your email address to Trudij, Tokkiandoliver, seasideDreamer or luvlycake and they can add you to the group.

How about taking a bit of time to do a stock-take and see if there are any gaps in your stash that you might need to spend on this month? Some of us set a budget for the month for essential purchases or to help with withdrawal symptoms, others like to go cold-turkey!! Other ideas which some people find useful: Listing everything out so you can cross things off as used to increase the sense of achievement, and putting a sum of money in a pot each time you use up an item to save for something you really want, or simply to assist in making future essential purchases "cash neutral".

Remember the challenge is about making the most of your money, enjoying your products, finding which products really suit you best and are worth buying, giving yourself a well-deserved pampering and breaking the habit of buying for the sake of buying. In money-saving tradition, it should also be about making your products l-a-s-t as long as possible (although the temptation of using an unloved shower gel extravagantly to finish it off is sometimes too much to bear!).

Brand new products (or opened perfume) sell well on eBay.

Unsuitable products can be repurposed and used for other jobs (shower gel/shampoo as handwash etc).

Some items can be returned to certain stores for exchange (for essential items or gifts!!) without a receipt.

Unwanted items can be recycled as gifts or for gift hampers (saving the money you'd have spent on gifts).

Unsuitable items can be donated to charity or a local women's refuge as mentioned earlier

It helps to avoid the places where temptation lurks for you; be it QVC, Boots, Body Shop, the supermarket toiletries aisles, Grabbit board, online toiletries browsing, seductive department store beauty counter offers etc. Remember retailers are making offers and promotions all the time, so there will always be another deal! Honest!

Good luck all for March and indeed the coming months, and remember to keep your stash lists updated, keep popping in for inspiration and support and to report your UU's and IN's, especially any sales bargains - we want a nosy!

Welcome to all newbies - the more the merrier. Please introduce yourselves so we can welcome you properly!

Oh - and anyone thinking "OMG my stash is FAR bigger than all of theirs, I cant possibly join" - believe you me, we have been doing this challenge for well over a year some of us - you wont scare us, and I can almost guarantee that someone somewhere will have had more and survived.... we are very supportive (and protective - so don't be scared !!) oh - and did we mention that are nosy??!!

Useful abbreviations and jargon!

WBA - Will Buy Again
UU - Use Ups
IN - Self explanatory - stuff you've gained into your stash - warning: lines may be given out for unnecessary purchases or you may be sent to the naughty step!
NBI - A non-bought item such as a present, gift with purchase or free sample
WNBA - Will Not Buy Again!
Glitch - when a shop/online store make a pricing mistake so you end up paying less or even get freebies!
PYN(M/T/W/Th/F/Sa/Su) DELETE AS APPROPRIATE! - Paint Your Nails Monday/Tuesday...... it allows everyone to try and finish those dastardly nail varnishes with group support! You can never be too groomed for this thread. Also see PY(T)N... - for toenails!
Splutterer - the stage where an item is nearing the end of it's life and spluttering - also the most annoying and seemingly never ending stage!
GWP - Gift With Purchase - a sample or mini sized item
HG - Holy Grail - this is the product you would go back for time and time again, it does the job brilliantly, and is either economical, or so fantastic price becomes no object!
NPI - Near Purchasing Incident (OMG we all have those!)
LHJ - Long Haul Job - for those products - love 'em or hate 'em - that never seem to end no matter how often you use them
PRCP - Pink Rose Candle Philosophy inspired by Erma Bombeck who said: 'If I had my life to live over again I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose that melted in storage'. Don't keep things 'for best' or 'for a special occasion'. That day never arrives. Give the best to yourself now and enjoy it. (Thanks to McCulloch29 for introducing this thought provoking sentiment to us)
GA - for an out that was given away to charity, as a present, or "just because" rather than binned or UU
TA - for an out that was thrown away due to going off (generally as it has been lurking at the back of a stash since time immemorial) or for any other reason such as a broken container or spillage
PP - Project Pan: a list of specific items targeted to be used up

If anyone can think of any more we can add to the list so newbies won't be intimidated by our jargon!


Here is a list of our lovely,fragrant ladies who have polished and pampered their way through their products and managed to get their toiletries stash under control. Ladies - congratulations, you are an inspiration to the rest of us, xx . Thanks also to InaPickle who suggested we start the Graduate list. To join the list of graduates let us know by posting that you are graduating in big colourful letters, that way the OP can easily spot you and add you to the list, or better still - PM the OP as the thread can move really quickly! You may also wish to add how many products you have used up during the challenge. Good luck ladies! Xx
1. mineallmine - graduated with honours March
2. Bronnie - graduated with honours March 2011
3. lostinrates - graduated with honours around June 2010
4. Ruby_Eskimo - graduated with honours June 2012
5. Seaside dreamer - graduated with honours October 2012
6. InaPickle - graduated with honours September 2014

Previous threads

In case you need to refer back to a previous stash list or product review, here are links to past challenge threads. Click on the date to take you straight to it:

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  • Hi - could I please join in. I have joined the Frump to Fab thread so I have a reason to use some of the products that are sitting in my cupboards.

    I often buy a new product just to try it, and then find that it's not for me. I have lots of these sitting around making me feel guilty.

    This year I'd like to stop doing that and stick as far as I can with what I know suits me.
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    maddiemaymaddiemay Forumite
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    Dolly, thank you for the new thread:A

    Wecome Catcherupper, I gain inspiration from the Frump to Fabbers too, like this one a lovely supportive bunch and always fun to be around:D

    Happy New Year everyone.
    The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time. (Abraham Lincoln)
  • Thanks dolly for the new thread - having redone my stash list today I think it's safe to say I will be around for the foreseeable future :o
    I'll be back later to report my updated numbers and PP list.

    Welcome catcherupper - this is a great thread, should definitely spur you on to get using up your goodies and we will *try* not to lead you astray!

    Happy New Year everyone!
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  • I was very kindly given lots of lovely smellies for Christmas most of which were not needed :eek: so stash is back up to a 100 items :eek: (which is a lot for me).

    Sorted out some nail varnishes to give away to my niece as its colours I haven't worn for ages or gifts I don't like.

    I have thrown away a couple of eyeliners and mascaras that I can't honestly remember when I bought them.

    Started using one of many body lotions (low scent) as a shaving cream for legs which worked well. Added bonus soft smooth legs in one step and one less product to buy!

    I have decided that Sunday is going to be my pamper day and my New Years resolution is to take care of my hands (nails are terrible) and to lose 10lb.

    Best wishes for the new year everyone,
    Kind regards
    No Buying Unnecessary Toiletries: July stash 72/0 INS/2 UU/0 TA
  • seasideDreamerseasideDreamer Forumite
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    Thanks for starting us off, I am IN...I think the only thing I will need this year is shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and possibly face mask and face cream.
    Debt free and busy treating myself:)

    No more toiletries/make up until I've used what I've got stashed since Jan 2011, graduated October 2012. Restocked Dec 13..damn those sales
  • spider479spider479 Forumite
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    Thanks for the new post! I am in and a newbie! I will need to buy face wash/cleansers and possibly a moisturiser but other than that, I am well overstocked!

    I can't use make up as it irritates my many eye conditions, but I am a sucker for all things toiletries!

    Happy new year to all!
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    poppy_f1poppy_f1 Forumite
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    im in again this is a copy and paste from the past stash list, i am planning on doing a sort out this month so will edit it but at the moment this one will do

    have deleted the stash list as reposted with a new one
  • Going to join in this month. Was a member a few years back and got my stash under control...stash list will follow (or at least totals) :)
    £365 a year spend challenge - this has included food/clothes/beauty?? who knows where I am
    20,000 step a day challenge
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    cw18cw18 Forumite
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    I'm in

    I'll add my up-to-date list into this post tomorrow, once I do a final recheck of everything (first stage done)

    At the moment I'm planning on allowing myself one purchase only..... a 100g tub of baby powder! Not because I need the powder, but because I need the tub to be able to take powder to the gym !! The only other small tub I have is cardboard, which I don't want to keep in a washbag with a damp sponge. And I don't want to be carrying a 400g+ (the smallest I currently own which is all plastic). I have a feeling I may manage the entire year with nothing else being needed :eek:

    This section shows the items I have open and out for everyday use / in my gym bag / in my travel washbag (which gets left at the holiday home from our first visit until our last each year so has to be well equipped - owned by a family member who's given me permission to leave a couple of boxes in the garage). Position as of [strike]start of 01/01/2015[/strike] 08/01/2015

    Aloe Vera Gel , Holland & Barrett , , 200ml
    Bio Oil , Bio Oil , , 200ml
    Body Satin , Avon , Tasha , 150ml
    Body Spray , Adidas , Icy Burst , 75ml
    Body Spray Motive Fantasize 75ml
    Body Spray Unidentified Tiama Celeb 75ml
    Body Wash , Spa , O2 , 100ml
    Cocoa Butter Cream , Kingsley House , , 500ml
    Coconut Oil, Groovy Food Co. , , 283ml purchased 08/01/2015
    Conditioner , Happy Shopper , Family , 300ml
    Conditioner , TRESemme , , 100ml
    Cotton Buds , Handy Helper , , 500
    Cotton Buds , Unidentified , , 800
    Cotton Pads , Unidentified , , 100
    Cotton Wool Pleat , Simply , (in bag) , 100g
    Day & Night Cream , Yves Rocher , Pro Retinol , 30ml
    Day Cream , Nivea , Beauty Boost , 50ml
    Day Cream , Nivea , Q10 Anti Wrinkle , 50ml
    Day Cream , Yves Rocher , Pro Retinol , 30ml
    Dental Picks , Unidentified , , 24
    Deodorant , Avon , On Duty Stick , 50g
    Deodorant , Nivea , Dry Confidence Stick , 40ml
    Deodorant , Sure , Cool Blue Roll On , 50ml
    Eau de Toilette , Avon , Tasha , 50ml
    Eau de Toilette , Grosvenor , How To Look Good Naked , 75ml
    Eau de Toilette , YSL , Opium , 30ml
    Emery Boards , Unidentified , , 10
    Eye Drops , Boots , , 10ml
    Eye Drops , Boots , , 10ml
    Eye Drops , Galpharm , , 10ml
    [strike]Face Mask , Superdrug , Skin Rescue -Mud For It , 15ml[/strike] from 'new' stock on 15/01/2015, used on 15/01/2015
    Facial Wash , Simple , Foaming , 150ml
    Hair Elastics , Unidentified , , 50
    [strike]Hair Removing Cream , Immac , , 100ml[/strike] finished on 15/01/2015
    Hair Removing Cream , Superdrug , , 100ml moved from already open stock on 15/01/2015
    Hair Treatment , Argan Oil , Intensive Hydrating , 100ml
    Hair Treatment , Argan Oil , Intensive Hydrating , 50ml
    Hand & Nail Cream , Unidentified , , ?
    Hand Lotion , Get Fruity , Pineapple & Passion Fruit , 300ml
    Hand Sanitiser , Miraspa , , 50ml
    Hand Sanitiser , Superdrug , , 100ml
    Hand Sanitiser , Unidentified , , 59.25ml
    Handwash , ActiveX , , 750ml
    Handwash , Get Fruity , Pineapple & Passion Fruit , 300ml
    Handwash , Pears , , 100ml
    Handwash , Tesco , Lilac & Silk , 500ml
    Moisturiser , Astral , , 50ml
    Moisturiser , Simple , Light Moisturiser , 100ml
    Mouthwash, Aquafresh, ,600ml from 'new' stock on 03/01/2015
    Night Cream , Nivea , Q10 Anti Wrinkle , 50ml
    Shampoo , Garnier Nutralia , Frequent Use for Greasy , 250ml
    Shampoo , TRESemme , , 100ml
    Shower Gel , Grosvenor , How To Look Good Naked , 300ml
    Shower Gel , Hotel Bring Home , Rosemary & Green Tea , 30ml
    Shower Gel , Simple , Exfoliating , 250ml
    Shower Gel , Avon, Tasha, 150ml from 'new' stock on 08/01/2015
    Soap Bar , Dove , ,
    Soap Bar , Hotel Bring Home , ,
    Soap Bar , Unidentified , , 100g
    Sun Cream - SPF 8 , Aloha , , 250ml
    Talc , Avon , Tasha , 200g
    Talc , Tesco , Baby , 250g
    Toner , Johnson & Johnson , Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing , 200ml
    Toner , St Ives , , 200ml
    Toothbrush , Colgate , , 1
    Toothbrush , Colgate , , 1 from 'new' stock on 01/01/2015
    Toothbrush , Wisdom , Travel , 1
    [strike]Toothbrush , Wisdom , , 1[/strike] binned on 01/01/2015 as worn out
    Toothpaste , Aquafresh , , 75ml
    Toothpaste , Aquafresh , , 75ml
    Toothpaste , Aquafresh , , 75ml moved from already open stock on 24/01/2015
    [strike]Toothpaste , Tesco , Original Sensitive , 100ml[/strike] finished on 24/01/2015
    Grocery Budget : January £155. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
    Grocery Budget : 2021 £1825. Spent £33.75 in shops + £0.00 from stocks = £32.45
  • Thanks for starting us off this month!

    Haven't had much success for the end of december - finally caught the nasty virus thats been going around so didn't feel up to using make up, face masks,lotions and potions. Unsurprisingly it didn't stop me from making a ridiculous amount of purchases online from my sick bed though! Feel very guilty now though :(:(

    I am very very well stocked up now and really going to try to make 0 purchases for the next three months at least.
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