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  • olgadapolga
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    My husband and teenage daughter think that I am the most wonderful wife/mum as I gave them much-longed after presents, a Hudl and a 3DS respectively, little do they know that they cost me the grand total of £0, thanks to Tesco and their Clubcard Boost:

    Hudl - £129, reduced to £109 with a £20 promotional coupon
    3DS - reduced from £149 to £139

    Balance of £248 to pay, used Clubcard Boost, total amount paid £0 and I got 248 Clubcard points in my Christmas Saver for next year :rotfl:

    Oh, and not forgetting the free next day delivery on top.


    Neither my husband nor daughter have stopped playing with their new toys, happiness all round!
  • sweetme
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    milocat wrote: »
    I bought myself a Topshop coat from this season for £3!

    I was in the local PDSA and came across a gorgeous green woolen knee length coat with gold buttons (total dream) and then saw the price and they were asking £24.

    I looked it over again and noticed a rip in the lining and also that the previous owner had torn the shoulder. So I took it to the til ready to pay for it, thinking maybe I could fix it, no big deal, and showed them the damage. The woman behind the til took it away. I asked where it was as I still wanted to buy it, then the French manager came back out with it and said I could have it for £3. I was so chuffed. Took it home, got out my needle and thread, fixed up my coat, and now I've spent my Christmas all snuggly and warm.

    I picked up a pair of trousers in River Island last week priced at £40 :eek: The inside seam had came away slightly so took them to the till and asked what they would sell them for, got them for £5. Couple of stitches and I have a perfect pair of trousers for work.

    My son's winter coat was a total bargain too, there was a cover from one of the popper fastenings missing so they reduced it to £8, paid with Tesco vouchers so zero cost to me :)
  • discountmummy
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    I bought an Argos £50 gift card before xmas on my Amex and received a £25 credit on my statement using this promotion:


    So today I used the gift card to purchase some straighteners which are half price on Argos from £79.99 down to £39.99 nett result that they cost me around £20 saving £59.99 :):)

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  • sweaty_betty
    sweaty_betty Forumite Posts: 1,337
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    O2 moments has given me some great bargains - from free coffee/lunch, to free/discounted cinema tickets, popcorn, free calendar, chocolate and paper to wrap them up in!
  • lizziebell*80
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    edited 30 December 2014 at 1:38AM
    £2 turkey just before closing time at the Tesco metro in St Andrews on Christmas Eve :)
  • purplevamp
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    I bought most of my presents this year with Amazon vouchers saved up throughout the year from surveys. I think 80% of my presents were paid for this way. 10% was bought with gift cards that I'd won and the remaining 10% was paid for with cold hard cash :rotfl:

    Everyone got what they wanted and I didn't get into debt. I still have nearly £50 left over for next year :T
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  • too_much_debt
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    Two large singing Christmas cuddly toys (Reindeer and Dog) for £5 each down from £30 each from B&Q (saving £50).


    Have a picture on my computer but not sure how to load it here.
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  • Ellsey
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    I got a £6 Gammon Joint from T for 24p!
  • mrs_lds
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    We purchased £300 worth of chocolate from staples for just £35 including jaffa cakes selection boxes, wispa packs, and loads more. Plus earlier in the year a Fendi scarf for just 20 pence
  • pk04
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    I've had loads freebies with cashback sites throughout the year but the best had to have been this:
    I ordered some trays from Lakeland for my mum for xmas and they arrived with a second box full of stuff - when I called them to tell them they told me to keep it! Over £100 RRP for free :)
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