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I Recently Registered With A New Isp (BT) However After 7 Days My Broadband Speed Was Very Poor So I Contacted The Provider Who Said I Needed To Wait 10 Days. This I Did And The Speed Is Still Poor, The Company Are Throttling The Connection When I Use Certain Programs. How Can I Get Out Of The Contract (12 Months) Without Having To Pay A Years Worth Of Subscriptions? BT Are Not Providing The Service They Claimed They Would Provide. When I Try Speaking With Them They Completely Avoid The Question I Ask However One Advisor I Spoke With Did Say That I Had A Valid Reason To Have The Contract Cancelled. Please Help.


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    OK I don't understand the 10 day thing myself so no comment there. As for throttling, does it mention this in the T&Cs? Many ISPs will throttle ports used for P2P or Torrents as part of a 'fair use policy'.

    I don't think you could get out of the contract because of the fair use policy unless that policy was also disrupting normal web browsing (port 80) but you mentioned specific programs so maybe you could post these?

    I know P2P is a sensitive issue, but I'll just say there are ways around the throttling if you search through google, it's not hard to find.

    If it's an overall speed issue, you've got to determine if it's BT actively doing something to the speed, something with your computer/modem or a wiring issue (such as what I'm having with TalkTalk).

    Hope this helps.

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    The first 10 days of a new connection is classed as the training period. Your exchange and modem/router negotiate to find the most stable connection possible. No ISP would consider raising a fault during that time. What you will find is that speed is sacrificed for stability but as patwa has said you will need to post some data for an informed guess to be made as to the reason you get slow speeds.
    How do you know they are throttling your connection?
    What tests have you done to confirm slow speeds?
    What modem/router do you have?
    Are you connected to the master phone socket or an extension?
    Post your line stats - shows how to get stats from many modems/routers - you need these
    If you can provide some or all of the above I'm sure someone can interpret the results for you.
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