EE Pay Monthly kerfuffle

So this is my first post, after lurking for years!

I'm looking to see whether or not I stand to make a claim of any kind due to being royally screwed over by EE. Here's the story (feel free to skip to the tl;dr if you don't want to read it all):

I ordered a £15 Pay Monthly SIM from EE online towards the end of October. It arrived in the post during the next couple of days, just after o2 had made me an offer to stay that I couldn't refuse. I phoned up EE less than 24 hours after recieving the SIM to apologise and say that I would like to cancel the contract as I have no use for it anymore. "No problem, Mr Blank, that's now been cancelled for you. Please consider us next time you switch provider". All sorted, or so I thought...

Towards the middle of November, I had a payment go out of my account to EE for £65! Confused, I called them up to find out what had happened. Apparently, they said, they had no record of me calling to cancel the contract. The guy I spoke to was very helpful and told me that he'd issue me a full refund that could take between 7 and 10 working days to clear. I put a small complaint in, but nothing major as these things can happen. Again, all sorted. You think?

2 weeks pass and nothing. So I phone EE again and enquire as to why I haven't recieved a refund. "Sorry Mr Blank, according to us the contract is still in effect. Would you still like to cancel?" "Umm, hell yes!" I reply. I asked why the amount was so high - I could kind of understand a month's payment coming out erroneously, but no matter which numbers I ran they didn't add up to £65.

It turns out that with EE, around the time you set up your contract, you should recieve a call from them offering you some sort of special rate for international calls. If you decline, nothing happens. If you accept, they ask for a £50 deposit (which can only be paid on card), which is then refunded on your third successful bill payment (I assume this is to stop you from taking out a contract, then going AWOL somewhere abroad racking up hours and hours of calls you have no intention of paying for). I recieved no such call, and it looks like the clever <insert expletive here> that handled my account took it upon themselves to accept on my behalf and then take the money, along with my line rental, a full two weeks after I'd cancelled. Seems fishy.

The guy is helpful and tells me that they don't usually do it, but because I've been messed around he would organise a next-day refund (I called on a Friday, so he guaranteed it would be in my account at some point on Monday). Annoyed, I thank him for his help.

Still, no refund on Monday. I leave it until today in the hopes that maybe the bank were messing about with it but to no avail. So I called them this evening. After waiting for them to try and find my account (the phone number written on the unopened SIM pack seems to have been reassigned to a T-Mobile number), the woman I'm speaking to says she's transferring me to their billing department. Instead, she transfers me to a dead number. So I call them again...

This time I demand to speak to a member of their escalation team. He is very helpful and apologetic and informs me that a refund of £52 was authorised by them yesterday. I enquire as to why I seem to have lost £13 in this time, and he tells me that it's to cover the line rental that I've used up until now. I, of course, inform him that pigs will fly before I agree to pay £13 for a piece of plastic still in it's wrapping that I cancelled the day I got it.

By the end of the call, he'd agreed to give me the full refund (which will take 7-10 working days) and that he will be notifying the managers of all 3 people that had screwed up my account (the most serious of which was spreading misinformation regarding refund time, as apparently it will never be with you the next day). He did offer me a month's free line rental with them, which I respectfully declined as I now would rather go without a phone than give EE my custom.

Does this seem fishy to anybody else? The fact that I was charged an extra £50 without ever agreeing to such a charge? Has anybody else experienced similar with EE? Is there anything I can do further with regards getting them to either speed up the refund or apologise?

I think I deserve some sort of compensation for having been screwed around so much by them. I'm not a greedy person and rarely complain to such lengths, but this has left me very short during one of the most expensive months of the year! I've done everything by the book and all the screw-ups were their end. Also, the £50 they took - is that a fraudulent payment? Or would it just be put down to a clerical error and swept under the rug. I'd quite like to know where I stand is all as, if possible, I'd like to take this further...

Apologies for the wall of text, but thought I should probably get all the details in there. Also, I apologise for any grammatical errors - it took a while to type this on a phone!

Cancelled SIM the day I recieved it
Charged £65 a fortnight later
Promised a refund in 7-10 working days
Still nothing, so complain
Promised a refund next-day
Still nothing, so complain.
Told that I was being charged for line rental up until that point
Screw that
Finally get a full refund (that will take 7-10 working days)

Many thanks in advance,


  • grumbler
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    You can resort to the DD guarantee, but do make sure that they cancel the contract and don't trash your credit files.
  • Mightyracoon
    grumbler wrote: »
    You can resort to the DD guarantee, but do make sure that they cancel the contract and don't trash your credit files.

    Resort to the Direct Debit guarantee in what regard? The fact that the extra £50 was taken by DD?

    Sorry if I'm being thick...
  • grumbler
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    Yes, or the full £65. Have they notified your by any means about the date and the amount of the DD?
  • Mightyracoon
    grumbler wrote: »
    Yes, or the full £65. Have they notified your by any means about the date and the amount of the DD?

    I've just read the guarantee and it does state that they need to give 5 days notice (they didn't) and that I'm entitled to a full immediate refund!

    No, to answer your question :)
  • J_B
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    A sadly underused word nowadays - well done! :)
  • diamonds
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    It took Orange/EE 13 months to bill me correctly after my last upgrade, they have my D/D details and guess what...they aint collecting it and my last bill got a non D/D fee... the merger with T-Mobile to EE has made a mediocre a very poor company customer service & error wise.
    SO... now England its the Scots turn to say dont leave the UK, stay in Europe with us in the UK, dont let the tories fool you like they did us with empty lies... You will be leaving the UK aswell as Europe ;)
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