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I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second so a little larger than I was at this stage the first time around. I'm starting to not quite fit my usual clothes (bit of a bump but mainly backside like a bus) but I'm not quite big enough for maternity clothes - what do others wear at this stage? I've just ordered some maternity leggings but to be honest I'm not a leggings person usually so dont have many tops to go with them - I usually wear either jeans with a cute top and cardi or tea dresses but these dont seem to be readily adapted for this stage.

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  • not much advice but feeling exactly the same at only 14 weeks on second time around ! My jeans still fit (I bought a size up) but none of my wo rk clothes so I did wear maternity trousers yesterday (under the bump ones, the overs are way to big) but they felt like they were falling down all day ! Will be watching your thread for advice.
  • My work dress that I have on today is much shorter than usual as it is stretching over more of me!
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    I'm coming up to 28 weeks and didn't bother with any of the in between stuff. The over the bump stuff is way too big initially but it's actually pretty comfy and doesn't look ridiculous or anything if you have something over the bump panel. Although I've done well so far and only bought a pair of jeans, trousers, 1 pair of leggings, 2 tops, jogging bottoms (for lounging around in... not jogging!) and now I largely make do with dresses (that I've turned into tops), jumpers and long cardigans.
  • in case you are needing anything else I've just been looking at new look who seem to have some nice tops on 2 for £10 which seems very reasonable. anyone else found any bargains anywhere ?
  • I got a little bit of elastic , thread it through a button and sewed the ends together. You can then use it to give you a bit extra room in your trousers/ jeans. They also sell them on ebay quite cheap if you can't make them x
  • If you have long tops, you can use an elastic band to keep your jeans up without doing up the button! Loop the band through the buttonhole, and through itself to secure (if that makes any sense) and use that to loop round the button. You could wear a bump under shorter t-shirts.

    Some maternity jeans just have a wide elastic waist rather than a full bump-cover. If you don't want to buy new, maybe eBay could be an option. They're great for all stages of pregnancy, and long after birth, so you can get your money's worth out of them.

    I'm not normally a skirt-kind-of-person, but at 18 weeks I'm very much looking into it. Wraps skirts or stretchy elasticated waist styles work well.

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  • My major problem is my legs and bottom expand when I'm pregnant (I only got stretch mark on my thighs last pregnancy) so I can't even get the trouser on comfortably to use the elastic band trick. Tight on me having a Kimmy K backside but without the slim thighs
  • I put an elastic band through the buttonhole in my trousers and this allowed them to expand with my bump. I just wore longer shirts to cover the band.
  • This time round I just bought couple of pairs of next size up jeans, they are doing me well now as post pregnancy jeans. Takes a while for my bum to realise Im not still preggers!
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