Are mid terraced houses to be avoided?



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    I haven't read all the posts yet but we have lived a mid- terrace for 13yrs. We don't hear anything from either side, but then we are also blessed with very considerate neighbours. I think that is the most important thing.
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    I live in a mid terrace house and don't have a noise problem. The only drawback is lack of rear access to the garden and lack of space for bins. The bins have to sit at the front under my front window or on the small path. I am not allowed to keep them on the pavement. Re. garden maintenance: Any garden waste has to be dragged through the house.

    i agree with the other comments on noise and heating.
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    Try to find out who the neighbours are. Young couples of families are can a nightmare to live next to, and it's worse if you are attached and can hear the baby crying and kids screaming through the walls.
  • I live in a midterrace built four years ago and we haven't had a problem with noise, even with the neighbours on one side having a baby. However there's another block of four built at the same time by the same builders and the sound transference is terrible.

    I rarely need to put my heating on, one set of neighbours keeps their house like a sauna :)
  • I live in a terraced house but am in the middle of moving to a detached house.... personally I wouldn't buy a terraced house again.

    Heating bills are cheaper and our house is more secure than those with gardens at the end of the terrace but I am really looking forward to being able to access our back garden from outside. At the moment my kids drag their mucky bikes through the house, we have to bring the lawnmower through the house to cut the grass in the front garden and mucky wellies and wet/muddy dog come through too before getting chucked into the back garden!!

    Neighbours can be hit and miss. We rarely hear one side buy the other side we hear a lot - not just arguments, music etc but every time they use their kitchen tap, kettle and washing machine!
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