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We received a bill for approx £40 from Severn Trent dated 01/10/14, we've had a lot going on with a death and threatened redundancy so unfortunately this was forgotten.., so today, the 20/10/14 we receive a letter threatening court action if it's not paid in 14 days. This has made me really angry, I fully intend to pay it but, is there a way that I can make them pay for their heavy handed tactics without actually getting into trouble?


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    This type of letter is computer generated after xx days; it probably hasn't even been read by a 'human'.

    It really isn't worth getting angry about.

    One of the advantages of Direct Debits is you avoid these type of situations.
  • Write a scathing letter to the head office, it get's it off your chest if nothing else.

    I did the same years ago when I disputed a car insurance charge and Halifax passed it onto a debt collecting agency before I had chance to pay it. I really let rip, it didn't achieve much but made me feel a whole lot better.
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  • As has been said, it is just a standard letter that is sent out whenever an account goes so many days behind.
    You can always give them a call and explain the situation if you want but if you intend to pay it anyway, I would perhaps just pay it and forget about it , it sounds as if you have enough on your mind anyway.
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    I wonder what your views would be if it was your employer who hadnt paid you ?
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