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Can we still apply for a meter after £100 payment?

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I'm thinking of applying for a water meter to save on the water bill in our newly moved-into rented flat. Thames Water sent us a letter when we moved into the flat a couple of months ago to say that water from move-in date until March would cost £296.63. My housemate contacted them and gave them £100 up-front and set up a monthly direct debit to cover the bill from then on. I was wondering if we can still apply for a meter given we have effectively paid the bill up front for about 3 months? Would this amount remain as credit on our account if the bill dropped as the result of having a meter?

I was also wondering if landlords typically allow tenants to fit water meters, and if I have any legal right to insist if they refuse?

Thank you for any help.


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    Landlords cannot stop you getting a meter provided the rental agreement is 6 months or more.

    I am a tenant. Can I still apply for a meter?

    If you live in rented accommodation, you still have the right to apply for a meter. We recommend that you ask your landlord’s permission before applying for a meter.

    If you have a fixed-term tenancy agreement of less than six months, you must ask the landlord’s permission.
    If your fixed-term tenancy agreement is longer than six months, your landlord cannot stop you from having a meter. However, you may need their consent to alter or improve their property.

    That said some landlords put a clause in a rental agreement saying a meter must not be fitted.

    You will get a credit for any excess money you have paid, against your metered bill.
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