Yay! From £43.56 to £19.33 a month - Thames Water

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In our previous property (rented) our bill was initially £26 a month and then reduced to £23 a month after our first year there.

In June last year, I bought a 3-bedroomed flat, and my flatmate and I moved in. Our water bill was set at £43.56 a month and when I phoned Thames Water to query it, they pretty much said that 'it is what it is', which I thought slightly odd.

Anyway, through my own negligence and idleness, I did nothing about it even after I saw an article in one of Martin's newsletters months ago about getting a water meter (more fool me).

My flatmate recently moved out and I thought "this is ridiculous" and sent an application online to get a water meter fitted. The nice man has just visited and said that he can't fit a water meter because of the way the pipes are attached (too close to the wall) but I will be entitled to a single occupancy rate at £232 a year and - foolishly - even if my flatmate was still here, we would fall within Band 2 and should only have been paying £25-ish a month.

I could KICK myself incredibly hard. :mad: I could have saved myself over £250 if I had done something about it last year, instead of just accepting on faith what the muppet on the end of the phone told me.

So it looks like I'll be paying £19.33 a month instead of £43.56 :j

NOTE TO SELF: Don't leave things. Investigate it NOW!

Such an idiot! But becoming a slightly more clever idiot bit by bit...


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