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Daydream fund challenge part 4

edited 4 October 2014 at 12:24PM in Greenfingered MoneySaving
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  • DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    What a difference a rain-free day makes....although that wasn't today by any stretch of the imagination.  :/ Yesterday, however, I even contemplated mowing.
    The septic tank is behaving normally again, but wherever the ground water was getting in, it wasn't where I thought it was.The most likely place is actually after the tank on the outlet side. It was clean water anyway...Phew! :)
    Regretted not calling in at the surgery to pick up prescriptions yesterday, as DW did it this morning instead and somehow demolished half of an old couple's fence, also poking a nice dent in the back of the car. :' The dent I can live with, but rightly enough, DW steered the conversation away from insurance, so now I have a new length of fence to erect!  :s
    Hope you are all stocked-up for the big virus-fest. Last week I did a massive essentials shop in the hope that we can just sit here for the rest of the month and avoid most of the mayhem.....I suppose we might make it to Saturday!

    Sponsoring The Warning in 2020
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    DavesnaveDavesnave Forumite
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    edited 9 March at 10:56PM
    choille said:
    What a great idea - flower confetti. I am rather sad to see plastic confetti dotted around these days. Didn't even know it existed until recently.
     I don't know how scared we should be about this virus. It sounds dreadful but I suppose so is normal flu - which I have only had once.
    I think people are mostly asked to use biodegradable confetti these days, but we are trying to go as traditional Hindu as we can in Deb'n. B) No pressure, but I'm also tasked with providing 70 Moon Daisies in flower in 5" terracotta pots to give to guests! :o
    Goodness knows what will happen if we're all in lock-down at the time of the wedding though. One step at a time I think....
    There are all sorts of consequences to come in this virus and we can't even guess at them on a macro-level. Some won't be important on a world or national scale, but they'll be of great significance to individuals. For example, you may have noticed from my sig that I'm sponsoring The Warning. They're a rock band formed by 3 Mexican sisters, who began playing gigs when the eldest was about 12, which is remarkable in itself, but what makes these youngsters special is their continued refusal to give corporate interests any say in their development. They've gone it alone, gaining an 'army' of supporters via You Tube, who've helped fund 2 albums and the equipment they need. Already well known in Mexico, 2020 is the year The Warning tours the USA and, hopefully, gets more of the recognition they deserve. The 'army' raised the funds for that and a third album in a matter of hours, so the logistics are sorted, but the wild card is now the virus.....
    Anyway, if you want to see what they're about, there's a link below to a concert in June 2019. Drummer Paulina, ( then 16) is their main writer and she's already world-class. Just count the drummers you know who can sing lead. They call her 'The Shredder' due to the number of sticks she goes through! Sadly, technical gremlins are a frequent part of small budget presentation and they strike 10 minutes in....but are the sisters fazed? Music starts after about 1 minute, but you probably won't like it if rock's not your thing....Sorry!

    Sponsoring The Warning in 2020
  • choillechoille Forumite
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    Alfie emailed me last night to say she can't access the site and is wanting to let you know that is why she hasn't been posting.
    Seems that she is getting loads of rain too and her place is all muddy & messy.
    Lovely day here for a change with snow on the tops everything glistening away.
  • ukmaggie45ukmaggie45 Forumite
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    Does she know she needs to make a new p*ssw*rd? Just a thought.
  • RummerRummer Forumite
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    I have realised that I am rapidly running out of window ledges!
    Taking responsibility one penny at a time!
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