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I have just moved into a new rented property, rang up Bristol water to inform them that we have moved in, then yesterday I receive a letter to say someone will be round in 10 days to install a water meter. In our contract with the landlord it states we are not allowed to install a water meter, and since the landlord lives next door, they do not have a water meter. What are my rights in terms of this? Is it really 'compulsory' especially if not all the neighbours have a water meter? Also isn't this something they should contact the landlord about as its his property?


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    Regulations allow water companies to fit a meter on change of occupant, and there is nothing you or the landlord can do about the situation - i.e. it is not discretionary.

    On rental properties some companies do not fit meters if the rental agreement is less than 6 months.
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    They are contacting you because you are the occupier, and hence the bill payer.
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    macman wrote: »
    They are contacting you because you are the occupier, and hence the bill payer.

    Depends on the water supplier. Bristol Water's policy is to install a meter on change of occupant if the property is an above average size plot.

    So you could ask them to confirm that it is an above average size plot. If it is, then your landlord has an unenforceable contract with you. That said, if it is compulsory, I would formally write a letter to the landlord and state what is happening, why and when. State that you have not requested the meter.

    If it is a below average plot size then Bristol Water should change its mind.

    That said, it might work in your favour if you are a low water user!
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