Tell us about secret weekend locations that can be done on the cheap

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Tell us about secret weekend locations that can be done on the cheap

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Former_MSE_JoanneFormer_MSE_Joanne MSE Staff
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London, Edinburgh, Liverpool... these are all great places for a weekend break but they can be pricey. We want to know what other spots you've discovered that have fabulous attractions but come with a smaller price tag. We want to tap MoneySavers' collective knowledge on cheap weekends away.

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    brikelbrikel Forumite
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    If you are planning a visit to Liverpool, for cheap travel ticket. A Local saveaway is valid on all local buses and local trains. All Area Saveaway is valid throughout Merseyside. Also on trains to Chester and Ormskirk.You can buy them from Lime St. train station and validate the scratch card as and when you need them
    Liverpool is A very friendly AND safe city You wont want to Leave
  • When visiting Blackpool get the blackpool resort tickets, there were 3 of us went (Me, my wife and stepso (6) and we saved over £75 between us on them for the admission

    (due to being a new poster i cant post links so you will have to google: Blackpool resort Pass)

    Saves a fortune in ticket prices and generally jump the ques too. only ones that dont offer priority queing was the Tower (but there was no que anyway) and the pleasure beach (this could have been better sign posted) but even on Aug bank holiday the que for bank holiday went down quick as they had lots of people on the desks.

    Hope this helps......
  • onesixfiveonesixfive Forumite
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    Tenth Anniversary 100 Posts Combo Breaker
    Check out Virgin for Train Tickets. Use those train tickets on http://www.daysoutguide.co.uk/2for1-london to get 2 for 1 access to attractions whilst in London. Also an (off-peak) day Travelcard/Oystercard saves ££££'s if using buses/tube to get around.
  • London has loads of free stuff: the free museums would take a lot more than a weekend and cheap eats can be googled. It's just travel and accommodation that cost: use the megabus or coach and stay on the outskirts of zone 2 or in zone 3 and its ok.
  • :jHi, my family and I regularly have cheap weekends away in London by purchasing advance return tickets with Virgin Railways too, and staying in Premier Inns. If you travel by train you can also take advantage of the many 2 for 1 offers to tourist attractions on the 'Days out Guide' website. Hope this helps.
  • malkypaulmalkypaul Forumite
    31 posts
    Hi All

    If I have to go somewhere I always stay in a hotel via the www.travel-offers.???? club, (It's £30ish pounds for a directory of hotels) but you pay for food in the hotel, (you got to eat somewhere) but you get a room free if available though there might be a limit of days you can stay per holiday, They are usually the smaller less desirable rooms but you are only sleeping there) The directory will pay for itself in the first trip and after that you are Quids in.
    I recently went to a friends wedding in Haverfordwest from Worcester by coach, the wedding venue wanted £120 per night (there for two nights), I had a short ride across town by taxi (cos I was well SQUIFFY) with a free bed BARGAIN!.:j
    I also normally have a few days Skiing in Scotland during the winter as well, the club have expanded to Europe but I haven't tried that yet Maybe when i retire!


  • lazerlazer Forumite
    3.4K posts
    Nottingham - great city and very cheap!
    Weight loss challenge, lose 15lb in 6 weeks before Christmas.
  • Northern Ireland. Not cheap but very different. Like being in a foreign country but still being in the UK. So much to see and so little time to see it in.

    Big adventure for the kiddies too because you can choose to come by ferry which makes it more fun - for them anyway. ;)

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    an59an59 Forumite
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    Megabus.com has some great fare prices. We recently took a Coach all the way from Norwich to Birmingham.It cost us a ridiculously low price of £2 each way.It is more direct,stops less than National Express and saved us changing trains, which would also have cost us a fortune! They go to so many destinations too.We could have gone to Bristol for £15 return from Norwich.
  • BollotomBollotom Forumite
    958 posts
    Planned carefully a 'Tastecard' is good. Gives you 50% off at hundreds of places nationwide, the 1 month trial is completely free. 'Bite' gets you 20% off at most train station bars and food places. Lots of 2 for 1s on production of rail ticket (not Underground). Generally Wetherspoons are good for food. Most Museums/Art Galleries are free in London at least. If you do a search for Susancs and check her posts for some of the best London info. :cool:
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