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Children s clothes how many?

How much do you buy for your children dd has a lot of clothes and I think I have got to many she is at school so lots of uniform and she does not change after school so mainly just weekends and hoildays


  • Mrs_Soup
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    Far fewer now they are at school wearing uniform. usually trips me up though when it comes to holidays and I need to find a weeks worth of trousers for eldest. He probably has 4-5 pairs non-school trousers but has had as few as 2 that fit which causes problems. Probably 5 t-shirts in each of long sleeve and short sleeve.
    Younger one has wardrobe stuffed full as he wears clothes younger than his age so it still in his brothers pre school hand me downs of which there were a lot more as no uniform.
  • Ella_Wood
    Yes I feel I should not got so many because she is in school clothes all week. I think I have over brought as she has lots
  • Spendless
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    How old is she? When my daughter was 5, due to a lack of space in her bedroom, I decided to have a limit on clothes. It was roughly as follows

    10 prs pants & socks
    5 bottoms
    8 tops
    1-2 hoodies/cardis
    1 'party' dress
    1 swimming costume
    3-4 pjs.
    plus school uniform.

    It's more than that now she's 11!
  • moomoomama27
    Mine are older but they have 3 full sets of school uniforms then as a rule

    7-10 bottoms
    probably about 10 t shirts
    8 warm jumpers
    3 hoodies
    2 nice party type outfs (although DD currently has 10+ party dresses, due to her love of fashion, she's 11 though!)
    5 sets of pjs/onesies
    endless pants, socks and vests.

    My teenager has too many to count, but she earns her own money, is 17 and it's all about phones, trainers and clothes lol :)
  • Ella_Wood
    My dd is 7 she has 10 pair of jeans. 4 legging 2 jogging bottoms couple of skirts dozens of t shirts about 3 jumpers couple cardigans 3 sets of pj s plus school uniform and space is a problem
  • dizziblonde
    Mine have a lot - but I think it depends on your circumstances and things like how often you tend to do laundry and the like (I'm a laundry slattern so factor that in). Plus I tend to overbuy for the eldest so stuff isn't totally worn out and I can pass it on to the youngest (11 months between them so they nicely slot into sequential clothes sizes at the moment!) Also one of mine is naturally good at keeping clothes clean while the other one would manage to cover herself in paint, toothpaste and her dinner if she spent all day in an empty padded room.

    I buy a load of stuff from charity shops though or in sales - rare I pay full price for clothes.
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  • Sequeena
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    My son is 3 and not in school.

    He has 1 winter coat, 1 rain coat, 1 fleece jacket and a few cardigans/hoodies
    He has loads of tops and t-shirts
    Around 4 jumpers
    7 jeans/trousers
    Around 10 vests
    7 pairs of socks
    1 pair of trainers, 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of slippers and 1 pair of wellies.
    Currently only 2 sets of pjs as he's outgrown the summer ones.
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