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neilpm wrote: »

I'm just over 15 months into a 24 month contract with 3. I've grown tired of never having a signal in the 3 main places I use my phone.

I called 3 to downgrade my contract (as per the information on this site)

However, 3 tell me that I'm unable to downgrade my contract until the 24 months is up. Is this correct?


- this is yet another recent post - one of many.
The 'information on this site' has been incorrect and outdated for many years.
I personally emailed to MSE about this in the past, but typically my email was ignored.

I had also posted in Mobile contracts: how to rescape them early article discussion thread, and the post has been ignored either:
grumbler wrote: »
1. The title requires some correction I think.

2. "Updated 15 Mar 2011", "Correct as at March 11".
Once I tried and failed to find any information on '3' website confirming that you can downgrade to the cheapest tariff in the second part of the contract.
I even sent a e-mail to "Spotted out of date info/broken links? Email: [EMAIL="brokenlink@moneysavingexpert.com"][email protected][/EMAIL] " asking to check if the information was up-to-date. I have not received any reply and the article remains unchanged. So, is the above information correct?

In fact I don't know any network now that allows downgrading before the end of the minimum term.
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