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In March 2010 we flew to Girona in Spain with Ryanair from East Midlands. The flight out was fine but when we were driving back to the airport a few days later it started to snow. The weather was so bad we could not get to the airport, the airport closed and power cables had come down on the roads. The police took us to sleep in a gymnasium over night, the red cross provided us with blankets and a bit of food. The next day we drove to the airport and returned the car and was not charged for being late. We had to que for hours to try to get on another flight but they were all full and the only flight back to anywhere in the UK was to Stanstead the next day and we would have to buy new tickets, which we did. The airport hotels were full so the information desk at the airport booked us into a hotel in Girona and taxi took us there and returned us to the airpot the next day. When we arrived at Stanstead the following night we had to get a taxi home to Derby.

Do you think we are eligible to claim? When we got to the airport flights were bringing people in for their holidays even though the hotels in the resorts had no power. Surely Ryanair should have brought in more planes to get people home.

Also, I know the dates but not sure of flight numbers, does this matter?

thanks in advance


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    You can not just 'bring in more planes' At airports there is a finite number of landing and taking off slots. If they are all in use then even if you send more aircraft they will be refused permission to land.

    It sounds like the delays would be classed as exceptional circumstances as they were caused by weather and power failure
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    budshouse wrote: »
    Do you think we are eligible to claim?

    You can certainly claim but I doubt very much you will get any compensation if conditions were that bad for some time.
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