o2 renewal - airtime solutions - issue resolved

bhoy_whunder Posts: 3 Newbie
edited 5 November 2014 at 4:23PM in Mobiles
Had an issue wtih my o2 contract via airtime solutions, I have edited this thread as they have since contacted me regarding this and have resolved all of my issues. Im now pretty happy with my contract and their customer service.


  • Silk
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    • New Contract sent out from o2 and signed (transfer consumer to business account, which was never mentioned) - 24th july
    The time to contest the contract would have been when they sent out the contract if there was anything you didn't agree with, unless of course you signed it without reading it ?

    As they have offered a further upgrade to include an iPhone as you had previously intended I don't see what you can do. Although the price is higher than you expected, it has been offered and unless the price was discussed for a future upgrade you will struggle to contest it.

    Perhaps it may be worth looking at O2's Refresh scheme to see if that could help ?
    It's not just about the money
  • bhoy_whunder
    Im starting to think you maybe right. It does state there is a 12 month review so hopefully that will be as long as im stuck. :sad:
  • Herongull
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    I don't completely follow what you agreed to.

    You agreed to a £18 per month sim only contract (£18 per month is very expensive for sim only unless are getting unlimited everything?)

    How long is the sim only contract? A 12 month review rings alarm bells? It implies a contract longer than 12 months? If they have put on a business contract it could run for years? What does the review mean - could they put the price up in 12 months?
  • bhoy_whunder
    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I also feel its quite expensive for a sim only. Im on unlimited calls and texts with 1gb of 4g internet. After further checks Its a 36 month contract with reviews on 12 months. I have it in writing from them that I can review or upgrade at the 12 month stage.
    Hopefully thatll be as long as im tied down.

    Suckered in by a sales pitch :facepalm:
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    There are many many threads about third party companies such as them who operate with the full complicity of the networks.

    A tip for anyone reading this. NEVER EVER agree to ANYTHING when cold called by a 'partner' company. I can 100% guarantee it will NOT be in your best interests.

    You were sold a business contract because the commission rate is much higher on these. Also your rights to cancel are much less, you are not protected by consumer law and could be subject to several year minimum terms rather than the maximum 2 year for a personal contract. The networks know this goes on. Check out the onecom vodaphone thread.
  • Cameron777
    We maybe able to help you with this, what we need to know is the following-

    1. Who was the person you spoke to?
    2. What is there address?
    3. What number did they ring you from?

    There are ways around this, do not worry.
  • Take4
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    edited 9 March 2015 at 12:37PM
    This problem has now been resolved.
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