Forever home fund (Take 2)

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  • really peed off this morning. had someone moan at me about paying £80 deposit for the skydive and yet she was saying to me how shes overspent on the online bingo and has got to get the money from somewhere to put it back else her husband will go mad but shes got no money (hinting for me to put it back basically) im sorry I just needed to get that off my chest

    no financial news as yet. will keep you all updated though
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  • we don't need to do a food shop this week I have plenty in the freezers will just buy milk bread and fruit when needed and try and run the freezers down over the coming weeks

    first £30 in savings account ... :)
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  • hi everyone how are you ... im still plodding along ... had a few no spend days this last week .. I did spend £2 yesterday on paint from w$%es clearance to make a start on the kitchen ... we are going be here for a while so might as well make a start to help it feel like home ..

    not a lot else to update on im plodding along trying to be as savvy as possible .. the less we spend the more we can save :)
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    Morning everyone
    I cannot sleep :( so thought I would take the time while everyone Is sleeping to update on where we are since our diary began on things I think I have forgotten to update on so here goes :o
    1. DP has managed to find full time working hours where the job is more secure than his previous employer
    2. Im no longer studying my degree due to my student finance not being sorted in time but accepted a place last week at my local college
    3. we are now debt free
    4. partner is studying at college and although its a full time course its more part time hours and his new employer is happy to fit his working hours around his college course
    5. for the next few months our savings wont dramatically increase as we have decided to decorate to make it more homely for the duration of our stay
    6. we are putting off a wedding until we have brought our forever family home as the forever family home is a higher priority at the moment

    we have given ourselves 7 years (8 years at a push :wink:) to achieve the following :
    1. both to have finished education and get a job in what we both individually love
    2. to have saved 10-20% deposit for a house (more if we can)
    3. to buy our forever home :)

    ETA we have decorated the kitchen with the clearance paint I brought and first off I will freely admit regarding d!cor I have a marmite taste .. people either love it or hate it but you know what I don't care what others think because they don't live here I do so as long as we love it I don't really care what anyone else thinks. anyway rambling aside the kitchen is no longer plain and boring it is now bright bold and once all the finishing touches are complete will be beautiful, yes not to everyone's taste but I'm not doing it too please others and to be quiet honest the fact that its only cost us £4 in paint I'm more than happy with the result so far :)
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    The slow progress of a homeowner want to be breakdown of 2015
    16/02/15 - £15,000/£1000 (6.6%) £40/£1000 (4%)
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    Morning all. hope everyone is well. I have a feeling today is going to be a long day. got no sleep at all in the end last night, oh well both kids are awake now so todays plan of action

    1. paint woodwork in kitchen
    2. get partner to collect reserved items from local diy store
    3. see if partner is going to collect doors from other diy store while offer is on (the doors here are horrid and on there last legs)
    4. take kids to park or go for a long walk
    5. get milk, soya milk, fruit and dishwasher tablets
    6. list 10 items for sale (listed 4 already)
    7. fit new carseat in car[/STRIKE]
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    Hi Opti-Mum! I've just read through your diary and you've come such a long way in such a short time. I wish I had your attitude! I'm very much a ditherer whereas you seem to put your mind to something and get it done.

    I really hope you reach all of your goals and that both you and your partner find the dream job in the future.
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    hi amycool thanks for taking the time to reply

    yes I am very much like that always have been I think it annoys some folk lol. im quiet self motivated to say the least.

    hope everyone is well. once my phone is charged and kids are settled ill be checking accounts hopefully can transfer something

    we had a lovely afternoon out today at a local country park and wood hoping to take the kids again before ds1 is back at school. :)

    myself and my partner have been talking a lot the last few days and he was shocked (as was I) at how much we could save over the next 12 months just by budgeting better and watching the pennies a little bit more, I think the realisation that everything we dreamed of being possible with some hard work and determination could be possible really made us want to spur into action, its not an over night thing but to know it could all be possible in the future really makes me feel more hopeful for our future
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  • made the last transfer for this week of £150 raising my target from 7% to 8% saved. lets see what next week brings :)
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    This Weeks Target.
    1. stick to budget
    2. food budget of £40 (trial run see how we get on) (plenty to use up so hoping for it too be less)
    3. aim for 4 nsd's
    4. transfer £100 to savings accounts
    5. list 85 items on ebay (5 a day) (between now and sunday 28th)
    6. meal plan and shopping list (to help aim #2)
    7. up cycle something
    8. go to second interview at college
    9. no takeaways!
    10. do a freezer stocktake and cupboards and fridge (to help with #2&6)
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