Forever home fund (Take 2)

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  • thats a lovely idea. needhelpsaving will mention to family members when the question arises and see what they think. thankyou

    still on track regarding budget it seems to be working seeing what we spend in cash rather than just paying on card makes you think twice before handing it over.

    made £35 so far selling some stuff

    still got to pay that cheque in DP forgot last week. so should be able to clear £300 off debt next week and put a small amount in savings to try and break the cycle of relying on the credit card for any unexpected expenses.

    went to see my uncle who is ill in hospital today. it was nice to catch up and DP survived with both kids :) so everyones happy

    off to bed once ive finished my drink. heads pounding
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  • recieved a refund for one of the ebay items i havent recieved

    sold a few more things (see sig for total so far)

    on budget - so far so good
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    catalogue £335
    £170 0% till nov 14
    £165 0% july 2015

    credit card £850 @ 9.9%
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    new week to the start of a new budget (as of Thursday just gone)

    grandma brought us some clothes ... she is always bringing us stuff bless her.

    both kids have been poorly this week baby has caught ds1's sickness bug

    debt is slowly coming down. and for the first time in years in have some money put aside for xmas, insurances etc.

    DP's bike insurance is due dec so im hoping i will have enough up to cover it when its due

    everything going ok so far .. touch wood

    freezer is still quiet full but fridge is nearly bare so going to do a small shop and use what i can out the freezers this week

    hoping to pay a further £250 off debt by Friday
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  • listed some stuff for sale so hopefully will have some sales :)
    200 weeks £25,000.00 / £700
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    have some people interested in some of my items just waiting on confirmation and payment

    cc debt £703.25
    cat debt £147.55p

    total debt to date £850.80p

    this time last month our debt was £1367 and savings £100

    today our debt is £850.80p and savings £0 plus im still waiting for £90 to clear in the bank

    including the £90 to clear that means our savings are £10 less in the bank
    we have paid off £516.20 in debt
    we also have £80 up for xmas
    £40 towards bike insurance etc
    £40 in our clothes fund
    and £20 for essentials till i take the money out next week for the following fortnight

    its been tight but seeing it broken down like that has made it worth it :)
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  • im hoping to clear the debt and see the savings account rise next year :)
    200 weeks £25,000.00 / £700
  • why is it everything seems to be going ok and then something sets you back. im so annoyed ... had a small accident this weekend ... by fault and due to insurance excess of £500 we are now back to where we were when i first started this diary if not worse. im so annoyed with myself. luckily no one was hurt. money is nothing with these sorts of things im just glad everyone was ok but it still means ive took 10 steps back or so to say

    i try everything to be as frugal as possible ... but its things like this that set us back.

    i cant wait till we have an emergancy fund for this sort of thing instead of relying on the credit card :(

    ive also had a poorly baby ... and my nana is in hospital ... 2014 is not my year at all ... i try to make things better and just seem to get slapped in the face

    sorry everyone im normally so optimistic but im having a week where im starting to wonder why i bother

    tomorrow is a different day and hopefully will be a better one :)
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  • hi all going to have a nice cosey saturday night with films/tv and the duvet

    ive been trying to get an update to know where we are but online banking is very slow the last week or so

    im hoping it will be lest than the £1700 i originally predicted

    we will get there. ive only got 3 more presents for the kids and adults left to buy for for xmas so hopefully i will some in way under budget
    ds2 bday presents are also brought

    not sure if grandma is popping in tonight.

    my nana did have another stroke. but all being well will be back home next week

    ive been working hard at my uni work

    all good news altho there is no news financially

    i really hope 2015 gives us abit of a break and is a better year for us

    we are contamplating maybe getting married next year providing things are looking better financially altho it will be a very frugal wedding on a shoe string but i dont care. i just want it too be legal man and wife and my nana able to be there ...

    i have big dreams regarding career in the future. some days i think why am i bothering i could waste the next 6 years of my life because i wont get a place for my 2nd degree but on a good day i think if i dont try i will never know. i really hope it will all be worth it. unlike most i will only have 1 shot so my chances are slim but im trying to stay optimistic i want it so much no one would ever believe.

    anyway things are going well so far.
    ive been getting good scores so hopefully i can keep that up :)
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  • i need to go to the bank monday we should come in under budget this week i hope ... even tho ds1 is at home for half term

    we have a return ticket for wmsp so going to check t&c's and if we can use it that will be a free afternoon out !

    also going to get cracking with the decluttering as DP has a few days off to help me ...

    have been blogging tonight its just another thing that helps to keep me busy :A

    going to drink this cuppa and then im off to bed night all x
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