The Great "Self Discipline" Hunt



  • Storm
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    Debt-free and Proud!
    For me the biggest thing is only dealing in cash, and only taking a small amount out of the bank at a time, handing over a £20 note is much harder than using the debit card for the same amount!

    A big let down for me was the lunches at work each day, even when i started tryign to clear my debts I didn't get into this... then I worked out that I as actually spending £960 a year on lunches after tax, which means before tax, Ni & student loan it was £1655 of my wages! Working out the annual pre-tax cost of stuff can be a real eye opener!

    Long term & short term goals - whether it's having a minimum number of NSD in a week, paying off a particular debt or making X amount extra money - try the different challenges on here, and set yourself a mix of short and long term goals. I found that whilst long-term goals are good, they can seem a bit 'pie in the sky' at times, posting on the 'What small DFW/MSE things have/will you do today' is great as it focusses you on things you can do right now.

    Finally (sorry if I'm rambling) keeping a debt diary, whether here or on paper can help you to notice trends (i.e. do you get downhearted midway between paydays, do you splurge when you've just had an argument with your OH etc). Knowing your triggers can help you come up with specific strategies to cope that won't hurt your pocket, whether it's pre-arranging a cheap night with friends or venting in your diary rather than the shops!

    Total Debt 13th Sept 2006 (exc student loan): £6240.06 :eek:
    O/D 1 [strike]£1250 [/strike]O/D 2 [strike]£100[/strike] Next a/c [strike]£313.55[/strike]@ 26.49% Mum [strike]£130[/strike] HSBC [strike]£4446.51[/strike]@15.75%[STRIKE]M&S £580.15@ 4.9%[/STRIKE]
    Total Debt 30th April 2008: £0 100% paid off!

  • lynzpower
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    One thing many people have noted is the difference between want and need.

    Just to really capitalise on this really for anyone new to budgeting or self discipline needed in frugal times. ( especially for those with rising mortgages :eek:)

    I learned the difference between want and need some time ago and this is for me central to me becoming debt free.

    Need is : Will my health, or that of my children or partner suffer if I do not buy this ( glasses, healthy food, a pair of school shoes)
    Will I lose my job if I dont buy this (a tie for work if you dont have one , getting the car fixed, bus fares etc)

    WILL I SUFFER HARDSHIP IF I DONT SPEND THIS MONEY NOW. ( if it can wait a week 2 weeks, even better :T )

    If you do NEED that item - think

    1) can i get this free ?
    check freebies board?
    will pigsback clicks cover say a johnlewis/arcadia voucher for clothing?
    do I have a birthday coming up I can ask for this item as a present
    can I beg/ borrow from freind/relative/neighbour
    have i checked freecycle?
    do i have boots/nectar/ clubcard points

    if no
    2) can i get it cheaper ( answer, course you can)
    quidco & other cashbackery
    outlet villages
    online shopping ( always check the offline vouchers board here) or hotukdeals for codes.
    can I use generic 20p vouchers off shopping ( waitrose, tesco etc)
    ask on mse, has anyone seen anything cheaper, use the search boxes.

    Once youve done all this little lot- you will have saved money.


    So if you have 20 quid for buying some work shoes, then you have 10.00 pigsback voucher, then you have "saved" 10 for free. so pay off a debt with that 10.00 IMMIEDIATELY ( of course, your highest APR debt via the snowballing method)

    Or simply stick a card in your wallet or a sticker on your debtit card with WWMD - what would martin do ;) Should help keep you motivated :T
    :beer: Well aint funny how its the little things in life that mean the most? Not where you live, the car you drive or the price tag on your clothes.
    Theres no dollar sign on piece of mind
    This Ive come to know...
    So if you agree have a drink with me, raise your glasses for a toast :beer:
  • Morgit
    We transfer all our cash to other things at the earliest opportunity - snowball payments to pay stuff off early are the main location, so the money is already gone. We take out a small amount of cash for a Fun Fund each month, and that's ALL we are allowed to spend. We keep only one cash card on us at any time, and it means we go into overdraft if we spend on it... big incentive to not buy on it.
  • dreams_R_free
    As a life-long yoyo dieter, spending on clothes has been a big cause of my debt:o .

    After finally succeeding in shedding loads of weight I've joyfully given all my 'fat' clothes to charity shops vowing never to be that size again. Then I've treated myself to a whole new wardrobe....well, I deserved it didn't I???:eek: :eek: :eek: . This happened at depressingly regular intervals as the stones piled on and came off again.

    So now, after losing a lot of weight I pack my 'fat' clothes away until the next time they're needed( as they surely will be.) I still need to buy a few new ones but I go to charity shops, Asda or Primark now. I save a lot that way. Works for me anyway:rolleyes:
  • airgead
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    Think environment! Think ethical! Think do I mind that this thing I don't really need but buy on a whim will be sitting in a landfill site years after? Do I mind that this cheap consumer item might have been made for next to nothing by workers in possibly terrible conditions?
  • aloiseb
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    Primrose wrote: »
    Avoid window shopping as a leisure activity. It's fatal If you know you're weak willed, don't take debit or credit cards out with out. Instead put a paper monetary note (say £5 or £10) in a sealed envelope in your handbag/wallet for EMERGENCIES ONLY. Having to rip open the envelope will perhaps force you to ask yourself if it really is an EMERGENCY. Keep a daily spending diary. Impose upon yourself a penalty of doing 30 Press-Ups every time you buy something you don't need. (If you're VERY weak-willed, this will also help your fitness programme as well !)

    Ohhhhh how I wish I was this organised......every week I end up getting out my emergency tenner for my weekly market fruit purchase.......if the bank was on the way to the market I guess it would be easier.

    MY TIP: if you are really tempted to buy something, LEAVE THE SHOP. Walk up and down the street a bit, go into a few other shops.

    If you really need the item that badly,and it really was an unmissable bargain you can't do without, you will probably know by then and can go back into the shop with good conscience. (Walking quite fast if there was only one left.:rolleyes:)
  • moanymoany
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    If you go shopping, or anywhere there are things to buy and you see something - and that thought comes over you that you simply MUST have it, you need it, you've always wanted one - just think this.....half an hour ago you didn't know it was there and you were quite happy without it!
  • scubaleopard
    Just stay on this site in your pyjamas.

    You cant go out, it saves water for showers, water for washing clothes and food for eating.

    Only the electricity for the computer, no phone bilss


    The hours fly by and you just know how much you are saving.
  • yvonne101_2
    To avoid spending unnecessarily for several months now I have been doing a monthly shop online for general things that we all know we will need to buy each month i.e. breakfast cereal, loo paper, bleach, washing up liquid, tinned food, frozen food, tea, coffee, cat food, cat litter, nappies,.... you get the picture. The result is that I only now go into a supermarket to buy fresh fish, veg and salad once a week, I already have everything else that I Need (not want!!!) in the house. I therefore avoid regular trips to the shops to get a loaf of bread, for instance and coming out with 12 other things that I didn't really need, as I already have most things in stock. Saves me loads even including the small charge for the monthly delivery!!
  • rachhartlepool
    I've always suffered from getting a little rush when I buy something in a shop, but I've recently discovered that returning stuff to the shop and getting a refund gives me an even bigger hit!

    Sad I know, but well worth doing, especially if you're not totally sure about why you fell in love with that top once you've got it home.

    I now say to myself that if I have any doubts, it goes back.

    Of course, you have to make sure you only shop at shops that take returns.
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