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  • Really interesting thread this. I'd not come across Horrid Henry but will certainly remain vigilant. In my view TV Binges can only addle the brain.
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    I'm only familiar with CBeebies really due to having pre school children around, but I think it's quite good. Mike the Knight is pretty insufferable and never says sorry when he gets it wrong, and Tig (from Woolly and Tig) is a bit mardy and needs her adenoids sorting out, but generally it's fine.

    I think some of the programmes are very good, like Melody which introduces kids to popular classical music, and Mr Tumble who has such a nice natural way with the kids with learning disabilities.
    There's even a bit of eye candy for the mums with Mr Bloom
    and Sid from Let's Play:) (or maybe I just need to get out more...)

    no, definitely not you - last summer my friend at work bagged some meet n greet tickets "for her daughter" to meet Mr Bloom at a local shopping centre - I have no doubt at all that mum was way more excited and giggly on the day than her 4-year old was :rotfl::rotfl:.
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    Depends on what you mean by TV binges.
    My two (last day before school tomorrow) have requested Animal Park, something about sharks and discovery or animal channel and young vets and animal orphans which was taped for them on sunday. They are 6. I am secretly quite glad that they are interested in nature programmes as I remember loving them when I was little. Especially dolphins.
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    My LO is 20 months old and I usually have Cbeebies on for an hour in the morning whilst getting ready to go out or to work and then for around an hour in the evening. He prefers the "real life" programmes rather than cartoons - Mr Tumble, Topsy and Tim, Show me Show me, Me Too! and Let's Play are favourites and all are a good influence on him in my opinion.

    He usually watches In the Night Garden before bed too which I can't stand but he seems to enjoy it!

    I sometimes feel like he watches too much TV but it's not every day and we usually go out and do things outside most days so he probably watches less than some kids!
  • Channel 5 in the mornings here (Peppa Pig on a nursery day, Thomas on a day off) - and a bit of Tiny Pop :) My LO is almost 2 and a half.
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    For younger children I think that Disney Junior and Nick Junior are better than Ceebeebies (I can't bear the adult presenters on Ceebeebies). However, both of my kids now prefer Netflix over broadcast television because they can choose what to watch rather than having to rely on schedules, and they can curl up with their kindles to watch separate things rather than having to fight over the big telly.

    If you select the kids' profile then there's nothing really in there that's unsuitable. Yes, Horrid Henry is in there, along with all the various Power Ranger series, but you can exercise some parental discretion if there is a particular program you don't want the little darlings watching.
  • Cbeebies here - but we watch it on the iplayer so he can choose (with a bit of a hint from me!) what he watches.

    Currently we're on Bing (I really, intensely dislike that rabbit), Swashbuckle and Postman Pat. I don't know if Postman Pat has changed since I was young (other than the ridiculous SDS nonsense) but now he seems incompetent - "Mission Accomplished"? Yeah, by the skin of your teeth Pat. And the whole of Greendale idolises him. Urgh. I may be overthinking it slightly...;)
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