MSE News: Plusnet to hike phone costs – but you can leave penalty-free if you're hit

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    kandatoo wrote: »
    Did the line rental saver when I signed up to Plusnet, which expires in November. They'll be getting the "thinking of leaving" call from me unless they can come up with a better offer for my BB, as I don't intend to subsidise their introductory offers by paying full whack for my BB and landline.

    ...I didn't even have to argue when my deals expired mid June - they offered me a much bigger discount on the BB than I had previously if I agreed to a 24 month deal -and I renewed my ALR deal keeping my included evenings and weekends calls package. :TNo brainer as I have no plans to move house in the near future and I was happy with the service.
    I phoned their COT (Customer options team) direct on 0330 123 9197 rather than go thru the standard Customer Services. Should be a free call from a Plusnet phone line -however, just check your bill as I had to claim the cost back because of a bug in their billing software!!:)
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    Heinz wrote: »
    Unfair possibly but fairly standard (BT does the same).
    It's possible to get a refund of LRS, I've done it twice now, once with BT (left them in December) and once with Primus Saver (in June).

    BT was via emails to their CEO office, Primus by emailing the usual CS address.

    I basically argued that if they didn't give a pro-rated refund of the unused LRS, this amounted to a financial penalty, which is a breach of Ofcom's General Condition 9.6.

    BT pretty much agreed straight away, Primus took a bit more convincing (the ombudsman was mentioned!), but backed down after a few emails to and fro.

    Currently with Plusnet and well annoyed they've increased their prices 2 months in, so going to call them this evening. Will report back on how they respond to the LRS refund request - I get the feeling they may prove harder to convince!
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    I've now cancelled Plusnet. I phoned a couple of weeks ago and was supposed to recieve my MAC within 5 days but didn't.

    I finally phoned back and was told it was ready but they'd forgotten to send me it. I've now left and joined TalkTalk (got a £120 voucher as well) - have also got a SIM from them for £3.75 a month for my wife so quite pleased.

    Plusnet did used to be very good especially at support but have really gone downhill since taken over by BT (now takes about 55 mins to get through on the phone).

    I had to either join TalkTalk or Sky due to the UltraFast York which is coming on line next year and will be availble to me (1gb download) so I was very lucky I could get out of the Plusnet contract.

    I too am going to fight for the LRS refund as I agree with anna2007 regarding it being a financial penalty.
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    callum9999 wrote: »
    Though as Branson owns shares in the company it's not really a "Branson-free area", and he basically comes with the Virgin branding that Liberty pay for (no different to David Tenant or Usain Bolt featuring despite not owning the company).
    A little off-topic (and late) for this thread I know, but:

    I think Branson sold his shares some time back, you'll find. He doesn't sit on the board either.

    Some people dislike how Virgin Media portray him as being more than just a paid employee. Virgin actually pay him for his appearances in adverts precisely to propagate the myth that the firm is now no longer simply Telewest and NTL combined.

    Branson was never in any position to sell Virgin Media to Liberty Global, since he has never owned it! The Virgin name was leased by the merged Telewest &NTL and Branson's appearances are a part of that lease. A nice little earner for him...
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