How to work out energy efficiency of gas fire heater

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Looking at purchasing a hole in the wall gas fire (previous back-boiler removed and installed a combi boiler).

Most places that sell gas fires include the Max heat Ouput but no mention of efficiency rating (I'm looking for +80%)

Rather than ringing for each particular model, is there a way of working it out.

I thought it would be something like Max Heat Input / Max heat Output but that doesn't always yield the same results as those that have the energy efficiency advertised.

For reference, I'm after the following...
  • Gas Fire
  • Brick Chiney Flue (Class 1)
  • Hole in the wall
  • No surround or hearth required
  • 4 sided?
  • Max heat ouput must be at least 4kw
  • Efficeincy must be at least 80%
  • Preferably glass fronted
  • basic controls
  • not bothered by other bells & whistles
  • £300-£400 supplied


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    Easiest, but not the most accurate way of working out the efficiency of a gas fire is to divide the max heat output, by the max gas input, which will end as a decimal. Multiply this by 100 and it will give a %. It is only semi accurate as there are more factors that get factored into by manufacturers to make up the efficiency, like moisture content of the air, made into steam and heat emitted from this, heat from engine housing etc, but will give you an approx. figure.

    example 4kw output divided by 5kw input = 80 %

    I think you are going to struggle with the budget you have set, that type of product always ends up as the more expensive end of the range. There is cheap rubbish online, some of it is not CE approved, so watch out. IMO go to your local good fireplace shop and seek advice and purchase from them. Another website selling fires is teetering on the edge of oblivion at the moment, they have bounced 3 cheques with their major supplier, so cannot buy stock at present, but are still up and running and taking punters money off them.
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