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    I hope you remember your crash helmet and steel elbows for Primark!!

    Good luck with the debt busting plans. I think focusing on clearing one debt feels better than spreading overpayments between them and if you're in for the long slog, the feel good factor of seeing one debt disappear is important.
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  • Well I'm back and I survived Primark LOL. Have to say it was a more pleasant experience than Holister, how the hell does anyone shop in there it is so dark you cant even see the clothes!

    Anyhow, it was a great wee day out and I have to say Belfast is really becoming a great city to visit. There was lots on, we went to the food market and completely stuffed our faces. C had a good raid around Primark.

    Hubby gave me £180 of his wages on sat, I spent £35 on his nephews birthday present which left £145. Whilst standing around Primark waiting on C, she suggested that I should do my Christmas shopping, at the time I thought she was mad and then thought sure why not, it will save me a trip out in a couple of months time when the shops are packed and everything is picked through. So spent the £145 on presents for all the nieces and nephews, I know its a bit sad doing Christmas shopping in September, but its one less thing I need to save for. Only need to worry about buying for the kids and whoever I get in my family for secret santa.

    Hubby didn't go to work today, he drank all weekend, I cant even be bothered talking to him anymore. It just feels like we are two lodgers living in the same house..

    Having broke the bills done into more manageable chunks has also eased a bit of stress, I was going full speed to get the debts paid off ASAP, but I have since realised I need to fit a life in somewhere too. Taking my foot of the accelerator a bit has eased the stress slightly. I really recommend it to anyone who is feeling under pressure at the minute.

    Have a hygienist appointment now, which I am dreading, it always hurts when I get my teeth cleaned and I have to pay £30 for the privilege. :(
  • Weekly budget for the week came in at £160 so another £15 in my little savings pot which is now £165.

    I have £195 in the utilities pot and was quoted £259 for 500litres of oil. So need to wait to hubby gives me his wages this weekend before I can order it.

    My sister had a go at me yesterday saying that I look like crap all the time because I am walking around wearing clothes that are ancient and I haven't had my hair done in ages. She might have a point. Once my savings pot reaches £300 I am going on a little shopping spree. Oh and a whole new hairstyle / makeover.
  • Well, its my birthday today which means I now have to go and spend £20 on buns for all my colleagues at work.

    I have £50, not counting the buns, left from my weekly budget to get me to Thursday. I haven't went over my weekly budget yet, which I am really proud of. Hubby hasn't give me any money this week, he is insisting that it will be worth it as he is getting me a nice birthday present so I wont complain LOL.

    Just received notification from HMRC, my tax bill has come down by £605 :j :j This is my bill for October that I wanted to clear so £230 seems a lot more doable that £835. Feeling really positive about this debt busting at the minute.

    I have also signed up to go on a women into business course which is provided for free by our local council. I was thinking of doing more freelance work but wanted some advice before I jump in feet first. It involves 8 half day workshops giving advice on lots of different topics.

    Right need to go and buy buns for everyone for 11 O'clock tea break.
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    Love your post :) x
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    Happy Birthday!

    Fortune x
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  • Had a little party last night for my bday, lots of tea and cake with my family. They all chipped together and got me a spa day :T:T I have never been to a spa before so super excited.

    Hubby has signed up to do his GCSE science at tech which cost £193!! but he needs to get on the PGCE so it is a necessary spend. which means there will be no savings this week.

    I have located a tutor for my son who charges £20 per hour and has a good success rate. I think he is going to start next week. Need to have a think about how I will finance it. I think it might come out of the rental income for the flats now that I have the council tax bill.
  • Happy Birthday for yesterday and well done for not going over your weekly budget. What a great feeling! Enjoy your spa day, how exciting some time for you to chill and relax. :)
  • I need to update my meal planner for the week to keep me on track.

    Cooked a huge roast beef yesterday in the sc, the slow cooker has been a revelation. I put a lump of roast in yesterday morning before I went to work, only added a bit of olive oil and salt and pepper and came home from work to a cooked dinner. I then shredded the beef and made a lovely Thai style salad. I definitely recommend buying one if you haven't got one.

    Tonight - Avocado and Rocket Pasta
    Tomorrow - sweet and sour chicken
    Friday - Soup and homemade bread
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    The end of another budget week has arrived, and I managed to squirrel away another £40. So my little savings pot now has £205, the emergency fund is still sitting at £225, the oil heating fund is £195 and my bills fund has £140 in it. This is the first time in years that if I needed to put my hands on cash I would be able to do it. All made possible by following the YNAB principles.

    Since starting the meal planning at the same time as the budget I have been trying to expand my repertoire of dishes. I have made some very nice and some not so nice dinners, but I have to say last nights was the worst. Do not try Avocado and rocket pasta LOL. Hubby and kids keep telling me to keep it simple. I need to start listening.

    Rang the tech yesterday to sign hubby up for his GCSE science and they have a fast track option starting in January which was £60 cheaper so hubby has opted for that, mainly because the tech is 50 miles away and it would be a bit of nightmare going every week after work for a full year. I have therefore decided I will go with him and sign up to a course. I am thinking Upholstery but hubby said it should be cooking :rotfl:

    Spoke to B's maths teacher yesterday and she thinks he is doing well and that he shouldn't quit the course. She has arranged to do some extra work with him after school today so we will see how he gets on. I still think I will get the tutor also, but maybe once a fortnight will be enough.

    C is looking to earn some extra money so I have agreed to give her £10 per week for doing chores around the house, we sat down last night and came up with a list, if she sticks to it, it would be a big help around the house. I reckon she will last a week :D
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