Money Moral Dilemma: Should we share in sister-in-law's cashback?

Here's this week's hypothetical situation for you to cogitate on:
Should we share in sister-in-law's cashback?

My sister-in-law always picks up the bill or buys things and asks us to pay her cash. We know she uses both a cashback site and her points-earning credit card. So should she pass on the savings to us?
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  • Herbalus
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    Why don't you use cashback sites and a credit card that gives you points? Then you can pay for things yourself, get rewards, and avoid the complications.

    Problem solved.
  • andi320
    andi320 Posts: 10 Forumite
    Since she is part of your family, I think it is not very nice (to put it politely) if she lets you pay the full price when she is bagging discounts or reward points. She should at least share these with you.

    I agree with the previous comment, that you should get your own cashback or loyalty credit card and start using cashback websites. As I don't know your personal circumstances, I understand that getting a credit card may be easier said than done. Signing up to a cashback site such as quidco only takes a few moments, does not require a credit check and you can earn/save by shopping online or uploading receipts.
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  • sooty&sweep
    sooty&sweep Posts: 1,316 Forumite
    Depends how much you're talking. If it's a couple of quid I personally wouldn't bother.

    If you are bothered next time you go out take your credit card and just pay for yourself or for her too so you can reap the benefits of cash back etc.

    If its a case of she's helping out by organising whatever or helping your cashflow don't be so tight !
  • mardycow
    mardycow Posts: 120 Forumite
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    If she is booking it all and presumably getting good deals i fail to see why she should, otherwise do it yourself
  • Sooler
    Sooler Posts: 3,108 Forumite
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    Just deduct the cashback amount from the cash you handover to her. If she don't like it she can lump it.
  • purpleshoes_2
    purpleshoes_2 Posts: 2,653 Forumite
    Id say no. Some of the cashback credit card give back something like a quarter of a penny for every pound spent, hardly a fortune.

    I agree with the people who say do it yourself and that includes paying your own share of a bill on a meal out if you dont want her to gain points from it, you do have options.
  • Anneg
    Anneg Posts: 34 Forumite
    This woman is not only getting money from a cashback site and money from using her cashback credit card, she is also delaying actually paying for the goods by using a credit card in the first place! Several years ago I went out for a celebratory meal with a large group of colleagues from work. At the end of the evening one very astute woman said she would pay for the whole meal on her card and work out how much we all owed and we could pay her back in cash. Some people said "That's really nice of her". I said I would pay for my own meal as I knew what I had eaten! I can't believe some of them thought she was doing it out of kindness! So, no, I agree with the others. Pay yourself with your own credit card through your own cashback site.
  • elsien
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    Do you know what, life's just too short to get hung up on a few quid here and there. Let them get on with it and enjoy the company.
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  • flossy_splodge
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    No one makes you agree to do it her way.
    Do it yourself or applaud her money saving - we're not talking life changing amounts of money here!
  • I've got to say no.

    She's taken the initiative to earn cash back and points and you don't appear to have protested so far, so it seems a bit late now. I have no issue with letting family members earn points by paying on their card - if I wanted a card that earned me points, I'd get one. It works both ways though as I get to pick up loyalty card points if I'm with them in a shop where they don't have one but make a purchase.

    Why not join a cash back site yourself and get a credit card that will earn you points? That way in the future, you can either offer to pay the whole amount and get her to pay you for her share or else, why not split the bill? Most places will let you .
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