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There's an announcement on the cross stitch thread about pictures being posted and the possibility that they may link through to Pin Interest.

Can this decision be reviewed please, from the chat on the page and also in conversation with fellow regulars on facebook, no one is keen on the idea.

Do we all need to delete old pictures to ensure that these don't get posted or does it only apply to pictures from a certain date?

Many thanks


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    With regard to this:
    MSE_Andrea wrote: »
    Hi everyone!

    We just wanted to let you know we're experimenting with Pinterest at the moment so you may like to look at our Crafting board. There are lots more fantastic pins on there too, some from you guys of cracking forum crafting tips - thank you!

    MSE Crafting

    We'd love to pin more of your fantastic crafts on there so please do take photos and include them in your posts to help us pin them :)

    Post us some links below if you know of any we can pin!

    Also, just a reminder in case you don't know, there are a couple of crafting twitter hashtags that may be useful for you:


    and this
    MSE_Andrea wrote: »

    If you don't want forum users or us to pin them add a clear note in any posts you've made with pictures so people know.

    It can't always be controlled I'm afraid as Pinterest automatically pulls in pictures from the thread without the text but we'll certainly try not to use one if someone's asked not to. If we do use one, let us know.

    And the privacy policy

    7.1 Just so that you know, you own any copyright in the text that you post to our forums. However, when you post text, you expressly grant us a perpetual, unlimited free licence to republish that text on our site and to redistribute/make available and/or sell that text in print or electronic form anywhere in the world as part of an edited compilation or otherwise. We may automatically track certain contextual links in your forum posts, whether through Skimlinks or through our own technology. See our Skimlinks & affiliated links factsheet for more details.

    The privacy policy only states text and does not mention pictures. Is the linking of pictures from MSE to Pin Interest therefore against the privacy policy?
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    Thanks for your thoughts JCS1.

    We want as many people to benefit from the MoneySaving content on MSE (main site and Forum) as possible. Hopefully you'll agree that's what we're here to do.

    By doing this we're going to be doing what our Forum users have been doing for some time. If you search it for "" you'll see many forum posts and threads going back years.

    Other websites, and newspapers, can and do use content from our own forum and have done so for several years (we typically wouldn't enforce the copyright provisions of our T&Cs where the use is fair).

    Those are then quoted by other sites etc, etc. It's common in both online and offline media. Also remember we've included forum content in our weekly email to now 9.5 million people for over a decade.

    Please also remember our forum’s content is fully searchable and viewable by anyone, worldwide.

    Like our twitter account the aim is two-fold:

    a) To encourage other people to read and use the Forum – we want to help as many people as possible save money.

    b) To encourage our Forum and main website users to step out of their "usual boards" and visit others they may not have used or, in fact, known about before.

    By all means express your thoughts on why you feel this would be detrimental to the Forum. We’re happy to hear genuine, well-formed objections.

    We'll post this on the Crafting board too.
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    Copied from my post on the crafting board:

    OK, been mulling over for a few days:
    • If I wanted to post on Pin Interest I would do so myself
    • I'm fully aware that anyone can search and find pictures on here, I have no issue with that. But posting pictures automatically to another site is against the Privacy Policy in the T&C's of MSE as the clause only mentions text. I agreed to these T&C's when I signed up, MSE don't appear to be keeping their side.
    • Intellctual Property Rights/Copyright issues where we have stitched our own designs.
    • No control over what pictures get pinned - a few of us took part in the Sandy Hook squares and posted pictures on here and everyone was fully aware of the context (and people often stated how difficult they were to stitch and how tears were shed during - myself included). I would not want these being pinned to a board without the context (and especially where friends/family of the victims could find them and see them being used to "promote" another website)
    • Similar to above with personalised gifts we make, such as baby samplers, wedding cards, etc, with names and dates on. We also tend to post progress pics (reasonably) safe in the knowledge that the person concerned doesn't go on MSE, this is widening the possibility of someone seeing a gift whilst it's a WIP
    • Our hard work being used to promote MSE, where we wouldn't necessarily get any credit.
    • Lack of consultation/asking if it's ok before going ahead and setting it up
    I know some of the above isn't fully rational :rotfl:(and probably goes totally against the quote of "happy to hear genuine, well-formed objections") but as you can probably tell I'm annoyed :mad:
  • JCS1JCS1 Forumite
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    No reply to further feedback?

    I also note that the Pinterest links to a thread from 2008.
  • JCS1JCS1 Forumite
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    Why have a feedback forum area if it's ignored?
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